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Did you know that 93% of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media and that Live video (think, Facebook Live) is 3x more powerful than any other post on social media?

Now is the time to market differently, using a live video approach – don’t worry, we make it super easy for you and we will help you overcome your video phobia inside our signature program, Coaches Go LiveLearn the 5 steps to producing a live streaming show – without all those pesky tech headaches or expensive production costs – and how to find your voice online (even if you are not one to be on-camera) all while creating smarter and more scaleable systems! Start a chat today to get started!

New Coaches Go Live Makes it easy for anyone to create videos to build up their brand and sell more online … Even If You’re Not a “techie.” Even if you’re not extroverted, a content expert, or an “influencer.”

Everyone knows there’s big money to be made online especially in the coaching world. And if you’re like most people, you’d probably LOVE to grab your slice of the pie but…there’s a huge problem.

First, you have to come up with great content…something that will grab people’s attention and allow them to connect with you. Then you have to figure out how to create it before figuring out how to share your content across multiple channels…all without having to deal with those pesky tech headaches which suck up so much time!

How in the world do you do that???

He encouraged me to start filming Facebook Live videos and we created a YouTube channel to repurpose those videos. Ed lead me to new ways of promoting my business. He has taught me so much and had so many ideas along the way.”

Katie Oshita – Lactation Consultant

"I just finished a Facebook Live session with Ed. He is great to work with . . . so friendly and up beat! He made the recording an easy process with instructions beforehand and participation during the recording. I highly recommend working with Ed."

Janet Wentworth – Storytelling Marketer

“Ed Troxell Creative is indispensable! He is responsive, works quickly and efficiently, and communicates effectively with the client throughout the process. In short, he gets it done and leaves the business owner free to focus on products and services. Ed Troxell Creative is a business owner’s best resource!”

Micki Webb – Special Education Consultant

“If you ever need some tech advice- book a consultation with this guy ASAP, he is extremely knowledgeable and worth every dollar spent!”

 Lori Myers – Criminal Defense Lawyer

“Ed consistently goes over and beyond! I’ve worked with Ed for years and will attest he is one of the most authentic and trustworthy people I know.”

Midori Verity – Success Mindset Coach

"Technology Super Hero, a.k.a. Tech Man, a.k.a. Ed Troxell. I certainly appreciated working with Ed on 2 rounds of the Volunteer Center's Sonoma County Human Race. His support was key in so many ways, from helping nonprofits get set up for fundraising success on Human Race website to assisting with Human Race Kick-off and Race Day. He fully took on Human Race social media and increased our numbers from years past. Some statistics: Facebook likes increased more than 200 and followers increased more than 350 from last year. We love our Human Race followers! He successfully encouraged staff, supporters, and sponsors to star in Facebook Live Videos and made it fun. In the last month, post-engagement was up nearly 50%, videos up 5%, page views up 153%, and over 3,000 people reached. Thank you, Ed... Tech Man!"

Jen Kulpa – Sonoma County Human Race Event Coordinator 

Grab Your 7 Tips For How To Look Good On Camera

(Includes tips for Zoom)


I’m Ed

The guy who makes tech and showing up online easy for any business owner – even for those of you who are total introverts like me (confession, I still am…🤫).

I help coaches, consultants, small business owners, and yes, nonprofits, improve their online marketing efforts by incorporating more video work – don’t worry, I make it simple, easy, and efficient for you as well as your team so don’t run off just yet – both pre-recorded and my specialty, live streaming (Facebook Live to be more specific)!

I’m a techie who know how to really break things down so that they are easy for you to understand and implement right away – I’m all about us getting it done today, not someday maybe in the future. I love opening the doors to more possibilities for you here online and I can not wait to connect with you! Reach out today!

Why Work With ME?

Show up. Deliver. Engage.


Breaking the complicated tech down and providing you with easy to implement solutions that keep you moving forward.


The magic can happen within minutes and the sky is the limit when you pair our creative brain with your business.


People want to do business with people, not bots which is why we love connecting you with your audience online.

Facebook Live Streaming

The secret weapon that will be the game-changer for both you and your business here online. 

Social Media

Teaching you how to reframe how you view social media so you can show up, deliver, and engage like never before.

Web Design

Building you a solid foundation from the start that will allow your business to grow and is easy enough for you to manage on your own.


Capturing moments that will last a lifetime and bring your business to life so more people can experience it here online.


Providing you with the best tools and resources that will make doing business online easier. 

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