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Does running a business online frustrate you?

Can't figure out the technology

Facebook business page feels stagnate

Don't know how to effectively use Instagram


It's impossible to keep up with social media

Can't get engagement on social media

Don't know what to do with your website

If you answered “YES” to any of those items listed above then check out our Business Solutions.

Ed for the win!

I’m building a business website and had so many questions about what would, could and should work. I needed clarity and Ed came to mind. His technical review was more than I asked for, and he provided a solution for each issue he saw. Ed for the win! Looking forward to joining the Hey Ed community!

Tabitha Liburd

Who is Ed Troxell?

Ed Troxell is a serial entrepreneur who brings a unique skill set to the table – he’s a teacher, business mentor, digital marketer, techie (keeps up on the latest trends & breaks everything down for non-techies), show producer, podcaster, live broadcaster & all around nice guy.  Ed is what we call a true Ynotter.

Ed is the CEO of Ed Troxell Creative, a digital marketing studio located in Northern California where he helps businesses market themselves online with ease.

Let Ed show you how to go from online introvert to online extrovert – share your story in a creative way that not only attracts your ideal audience but also engages them.

It’s time for your business to play the long game so that you can build a loyal customer following that continues to drive more sales year after year. Read more about Ed…


Ed knows what he’s doing. Ed makes the process EASY for his clients.

Lindsay Weldon

The Live Show

Latest Episodes

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How to determine what the market wants from you

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What is the BEST age to start a business?

What is the BEST age to start a business?

Think you're "too old" to start a business? Tune in to find out who just netted close to $100M last year in sales and is being acquired for $845 million! --- Looking for tech help and easy ways your business can stand out online? Head over to HeyEdNetwork.com today!


How can Ed Troxell Creative help your business grow online?

At Ed Troxell Creative we stay on top of the tech and social media trends so that you can stay focused on your business. Not only that, we break everything down for you so that you can understand exactly what to do – no “techie” jargon or “dumb questions” here – when it comes to marketing your business online. When working with us your business can expect quick, reliable solutions that are easy to understand and implement.

In fact, that is why we created The Hey Ed Network – to help business owners just like you stay in the loop and get answers to your questions right away!

We can help you with…

  1. Knowing where and how to get started with your next project
  2. Jump starting your creativity to create engaging content
  3. Removing complicated, expensive & overwhelming programs/equipment
  4. Getting your audience to engage more with your business

We provide training around…

  1. Starting a business
  2. Using social media
  3. Producing a podcast
  4. Going live on social media


Now that you found Ed Troxell Creative your business can run smoothly online!

Learn more about our Business Solutions here.

Exceeds all expectations!

Fast responses, listens to the client and truly exceeds all expectations!

Kim Svoboda

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