Take your digital marketing to the next level in as little as 10-minutes a week with Facebook Live streaming video. 

The Live Advantage Content Marketing Masterclass

FREE training for real estate agents & entrepreneurs on creating content for social media. Complete with a weekly content calendar!

Video Marketing Made Easy for Real Estate Agents & Entrepreneurs

Video marketing for real estate made easy


Going live to create videos for social media content

Starting a podcast with Facebook Live streaming video

Creating a video marketing strategy with live streaming

Make Your Digital Marketing Irresistible with Live Streaming Video

Bring your business into the 21st century with Facebook Live streaming video – a modern, easy-to-use digital marketing approach that puts you front and center with your prospects, clients, and your local community.

Learn how going live can be a game-changer for your business and how you can take one live video and repurpose it across multiple channels online. 

Get More Leads

Get more leads in your business by leveraging the power of Facebook Live streaming video.

These days, video marketing is no longer optional, it’s required, and it’s the key to your business success online. That is why I developed my signature framework called, The Live Advantage to help you out. 

The Live Advantage framework makes it easy for any real estate agent or entrepreneur to create, publish, and market video content across multiple channels online – from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, podcast, and more including your own website.

Get More Time Back

If you’re like most real estate agents and entrepreneurs, you have too much on your plate and not enough time to dedicate to your digital marketing efforts – stop wasting your time trying to figure out all the online stuff.

Book a FREE call today so we can discuss your digital marketing needs and how a Facebook Live approach can help you get more of your time back. 

Don’t waste any more time trying to figure it all out on your own.

Make More Sales

It’s time to get your video marketing efforts up-to-speed with Facebook Live streaming video and get you to go live so you can grow your audience, get more leads, increase your sales, and nurture your relationships online.

The best part about going live is you create one piece of content (video), and it continues to work for you even while you sleep.

It’s time for you to make a greater impact online with live streaming video.

It’s Time to Talk About Your Digital Marketing Needs

1. Book your Free Consult


2. Get a solution


3. Implement and stand out online

Find out how to embrace video more so that you can reach more prospects, sign more clients, and nurture more relationships today

10 Reasons to Hire Me for Your Digital Marketing Needs

I am very tech-savvy & I can break technology down so you can understand it

I’m very creative & resourceful especially when it comes to online marketing strategies

I love social media & can make it more enjoyable for you

I bring a fun & positive energy to the table

I’m dedicated to my client’s success & love watching them grow online especially my more introverted clients as I was once there before too

I’m a great listener & will find solutions that are both easy to use as well as easy to implement right away

I live & breathe entrepreneurship

I have a BA in Communications & a Sales & Marketing Certificate

I love creating video content and using live streaming video to build up a deeper connection with our audiences online

I want to be the first place you turn to when you need help with your online business needs so that I can point you in the right direction.

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