I’m Ed Troxell

Business Development and Tech Expert.

I make it easy for business owners, entrepreneurs, and non-profits to build their businesses online. From designing easy to manage websites to marketing your content online through social media to being apart of the conversation – it all starts right here!

Tools I recommend

Below are tools that I use, love and recommend. Some are affiliate links which means I can earn money but I only recommend based off what I love – not how much I could make. Read more about my disclaimer here.


Best web hosting service you’ll ever have – hands down! SiteGround takes such good care of their customers and their tech support is beyond amazing!

Stupid Easy

Stupid Easy provides the best online learning experience! You can learn something new in just 5-minutes without having to be tech-savvy! Easily Create, Share & Sell your own online courses on Stupid Easy.


Vimeo is the best for uploading and saving your videos. I use it for my online course video over on Stupid Easy. I love their customize video player and it’s so much easier to use than YouTube.

Divi WordPress Theme

There is only 1 WordPress theme I recommend and it’s this one – Divi! No matter what your tech level is the one for you! It has amazing templates, a drag and drop builder, and support tutorials!


Talk about an all-in-one business program that handles everything from lead capture forms to billing to keeping up with your clients and much more! Another one with excellent customer service too!

G Suite

G Suite is your virtual office that you can take anywhere – work from anywhere you like! You get all the benefits of Google Drive, Gmail – at your own domain address – and support for less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

My Work

What makes me different

Besides my awesome dance moves, I’m not about the sale – I’m about the relationship. I don’t focus my attention on all the likes, follows or even how much I can sell. I focus on building relationships that will last over time. I focus on providing value and working with others as a team. Helping, motivating and inspiring others is what I do best!


Whether you’re looking to learn a new skill by taking one of my online courses or are just in need of a new t-shirt or cool coffee mug the shop has what you need.

Take their word for it

Here’s what others have to say

“Your ability to make complicated things simple is amazing! I love your work ethic and focus on serving – it will pay off in the long run – I guarantee it!”

Erika B.

The Bakers

“I had my first session with tech guru/wizard Ed Troxell. I was in tears afterward because in literally less than one hour he taught me how to do what I’ve been struggling with for months!!!! All with a joyful spirit and caring heart. He was just beyond words awesome!”

Linda C.

Cannon Cross Coaching

“Something that may seem simple for others, is the death of me and my business. The quick #MAGIC that Ed made happen for me is… Priceless. It was more than a business card graphic… He has allowed me to see that my future success is possible, and that it may even be #stupideasy to get the support I need to #SOAR!!! Thank you Ed!”

Venus K.

Venus Ketcham

“You are really in your calling. You have such a natural ability to simplify tech stuff…it’s clear now. You got me at “owning vs renting” (in regards to deciding between building on WordPress or SquareSpace).”

Elizenda Jean-C.

Launch to Scale

“I have to say, when I first signed up for the appointment (One on one 30-minute) I thought that the pricing was a tad high. But let me tell you, I feel like it was worth every penny. I’ve been going around and around with the issues of having more than one offering, more than one website, etc… for a while now. I was able to get some clear direction in 30 minutes. (YEA!). I think of you as the “tech guy,” but really you have a lot more skills than just tech.”

Victoria R.

Victoria's Botanicals

“Ed consistently goes over and beyond! I’ve worked with Ed for years and will attest he is one of the most authentic and trustworthy people I know.”

Midori V.

The Kickass Marriage Coach

Think big. Act small.

Move Quickly.

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