People you should be following on Periscope (in no particular order):

  • Nicole Walters:

    Helps you monetize your life. Nicole quit her job to help average people monetize their lives. She has amazing energy and will be real with you. Nicole will make the time for you but you better be hungry & use your time wisely. You want to become one of her “Rich Friends” and check out her “Scoprah School!”

  • Chalene Johnson:

    What doesn’t she do? Chalene is a motivational speaker, fitness instructor, and business & lifestyle coach. You name, it she’s on it! Chalene covers various topics and has a fantastic podcast called “Build Your Tribe.” I don’t know how she does it all; well actually I do because she has told us #lifers, but still. Wonder woman of the 21st century!

  • Lewis Howes:

    The one that started it all for me! First podcast that I actually got into called “The School of Greatness.” Lewis is a former pro athlete turned life coach. He will inspire and motivate you to do great things! Lewis is releasing his first book soon which will be a best seller for sure!

  • Kim Garst:

    For anything social call Kim! Social selling strategist, best selling author, and always a pleasure to be in on a scope with her. Kim brings on amazing guests and takes multitasking to a whole new level. Periscope for Biz.

  • Coach Glitter:

    Tiffany (A.K.A. Coach Glitter) is so much fun to be in on a scope with. I feel like her, Nicole, and I have all known each other for a while and have been hanging out on what Nicole would say is our “rich friends yacht.” Coach Glitter covers various topics from make-up/ stylist to business coaching and mentoring.

  • Mark Shaw:

    Who doesn’t love a British accent? Mark is great about getting you energized. He is a Twitter speaker training advisor providing you with tips on social media. #TagTribes

  • Jon Acuff:

    I first discovered Jon when I came across his book “Start.” The cover jumped out and grabbed my attention! For those that know me, you understand how hard it is for me to make it through an entire book, but I couldn’t put this book down! Jon is a best selling author for a reason.  You need to check out his books!

  • Pat Flynn:

    A real family man who generates passive income. Serial Entrepreneur, Professional Podcaster & Blogger.

  • Sue B. Zimmerman:

    The fun loving Instagram expert who teaches businesses all around the globe how to market themselves. Sue is always smiling and we love that! Instagram Expert!

  • Elias Callejo:

    Entrepreneur who gets you pumped up and encourages you to do get out there! Always starting the party off right with good music.

Add people you think we should check out on Periscope in the comments.


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