Learn from Mark Zuckerberg and apply these 10 rules for success for your next project.

When I checked my email on my iPhone for the third time this morning, mind you it’s not even 10 am yet, I said, “Man, another 8 emails!”  I try to keep my inbox close to zero. I know, crazy right? It is possible though. As I started to delete (and unsubscribe) I noticed one from YouTube that stood out. Did the subject line grab my attention? No! In fact, I didn’t even see the subject line until I wrote this post and had to go back to reference it.

The subject line read “Kristen Sarah: Who are you? And more videos.” If I would have read that first, I would have just deleted the email. There was a reason I didn’t go that route. The fact that I had been deleting emails and this email automatically opened, revealing Mark Zuckerberg was no accident. As I looked back through the email this of Mark which came from Evan Carmichael was not even close to the top of the email. In fact, it was 8 videos down, listed under “Recommended.” That’s when I knew it was no accident I came across this and it is no accident I am sharing this with you.

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Here are Mark Zuckerberg’s 10 Rules for success thanks to Evan Carmichael:

  1. You get what you spend your time doing
  2. Get feedback
  3. Make mistakes
  4. Only hire people who you would work for
  5. Make a change in the world
  6. Learn from the people around you
  7. Build a really good team
  8. Give the very best experience
  9. Care the most about it
  10. Social bonds are critical


What are your “rules for success?” Share in the comments below!

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