One thing you can learn from the video “4 easy ways to upgrade your marketing in 2022” is that live streaming video is a great way to connect with your audience and build trust.

Live streaming video (Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live) allows you to show your face, have conversations with people, and answer their questions in real time. This can help you to build a more personal relationship with your audience and make you more relatable.

Live streaming video is also a great way to repurpose your content. You can save your live streams and post them on your website or social media channels (there are even now AI tools that make this process so much easier). This allows you to reach a wider audience and get more mileage out of your content.

Here are some tips for live streaming video:

  • Choose a topic that your audience is interested in.
  • Promote your live stream in advance.
  • Be prepared and have a plan for your live stream.
  • Interact with your audience and answer their questions.
  • Save your live stream and repurpose it on your website or social media channels.

Here are some examples of how you can use live streaming video for marketing:

  • Host a Q&A session.
  • Give a tour of your office or property.
  • Interview an expert in your field.
  • Hold a product launch or demonstration.
  • Go behind the scenes of your business.

If you’re not sure where to start with live streaming or video in general, start by learning video here.

So if you’re looking for a way to take your marketing to the next level in 2023-2024, consider giving live-streaming video a try. It’s a great way to connect with your audience, build trust, and get more exposure for your business.


4 easy ways to upgrade your marketing in 2022 transcription

Looking to upgrade your marketing here in 2022. Well, we got four easy ways for you to take your marketing efforts to the next level. Welcome to a real estate marketing and coffee. I’m your host Ed Troxell with my lovely co-host. Amanda can deal. Yes. And we are here every Monday morning at 8:00 AM live streaming to you.

You may be catching the replay and listening to us on audio, and that’s awesome. Be sure to stop by wherever you’re tuning into us from. Even if it’s on that replay and let us know how your day is going and any topics that you want us to cover or questions you might have about the recent episode that you listened to.

Now on today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about four easy ways that you can upgrade your marketing here in 2022, because it’s the beginning of a new year, right? Amanda, we’re not a good time. It is, and to change things up and really jump into maybe something that you aren’t comfortable with.

Maybe something that. I tried once or twice and thought, eh, it’s not for me. I’m not going to do it. And you keep moving forward. Maybe it’s time to revisit that. So stick around, share this out. We’re going to be talking about these four things right now. Amanda, let’s go ahead and dive into number one. All right.

Numero UNO. Well, I’m surprised you wanted me to dive into this one, but I’ll take it live streaming video. Yes. And Lee, when we say live streaming video, let’s just talk about that for a second. I think, you know, for you, Amanda, personally, when it comes to, obviously we’ve been doing this show for a while, but prior to you meeting me and us doing this show, Livestreaming.

What were your thoughts about it? What’d you, were you doing a lot of it? Were you nervous? Were you excited? Like, let’s just talk about that for a second. Yeah, no, I was not doing really hardly any of it. Um, and honestly it terrified me for dumb reasons. Like I think it does everybody right. I was a communication major in college.

And so naturally my brain thinks through planned communication and I had a hard time with that. While I’m wildly good at improv. I was like, I’m going to mess up. And then you can’t, you can’t take it back or you’re going to say something wrong or it’s not going to make sense. And then, and really once you and I started doing these, and then I started doing them for a few other things, I really saw that it wasn’t as scary as everyone made it out to be.

Um, that it was more just in my head. Like I was thinking. Like, I don’t feel like I’ve ever made a mistake. And if I have, I’m like, well, I’m human, so welcome to it. Yes. Yes, exactly. And, um, what have you felt as different now that you’ve been going live and getting, getting that exposure both for yourself with live broadcasting, but maybe even for your business to, yeah, no, I love this because I’m just you and I show alone not adding any other live video or.

Video marketing, into the mix. Um, I’ve got four or five solid connections and not all of them are business connections. As for meaning when I say business, I mean like. I am going to pay for your services, but a lot of them are networking connections. I have a few that have turned into business opportunities.

Um, and really it’s just because we’ve shown up here. Like I didn’t do anything. I didn’t even in these ones that these people have reached out, um, from our show here, ed, no, none of them have been like, I need your services. It’s always started off just as a conversation. And that’s been the coolest part is I feel like I’ve gotten five new friends that some of that might turn into a business, which is really cool.

Yes. So I’m so glad you shared that experience with all of us, because that’s what we want to emphasize about live streaming video. Now, obviously, that’s what I do for business and that’s what has built my business over the years as well. And so I wanted you to share that experience with our listeners because it’s really.

Important for us to understand that live streaming can be scary. It can be very intimidating, uh, being on camera, being live on camera, not knowing what to say, saying something that might sound wrong or come out wrong, whatever, you know, all the things that are going on in your head. Both you, Amanda PRI previously, and you, the listener, um, are all valid.

And we all go through that, myself included, and the fact that you’ve been able to. Have conversations through your live streaming, uh, experience, and being able to get new connections. That’s really what we want to point out. That’s the big, big win for live streams. And that’s why it’s important for you to embrace live streaming this year.

And when I say you, I’m talking about all you listeners. Yeah. Amanda’s already embraced it. And now it’s your turn to embrace it here in 2022 because it is, it’s really important for you. One to show your face. That’s a whole nother topic that we can talk on another episode. I know many of you are like, okay, but I don’t want to show my face, a whole other topic.

Um, but when it comes to going live and when I say live its live streaming on Facebook or Instagram is the easiest from your phone, those of you tuning in on LinkedIn, you can go live on LinkedIn, but it’s a different process. We can talk about that later. The point is, is that you want to embrace live streaming one it’s yeah.

To have these conversations with people that are going to see your videos and they may not watch it live. And that’s okay. A lot of people catch the replay. I mean, think about your favorite TV shows and I’m a streamer through and through. I watch it when it’s convenient for me. And I think I love that you bring this point up and cause I think this is honestly people’s biggest hangup.

Like we, you know, I might look and see say two viewers right now, and that would feel discouraging, but what I pay attention to are the views after the fact we might get, I don’t know. I honestly haven’t paid any attention to it, but we might get 200 views, but it only live is two. And to me. Like what we’ve been talking about.

It’s multifaceted because you can repurpose these videos, but also you get to continue to show up in someone’s newsfeed without pushing. Something out daily and that’s a huge win to post a video, which everybody should know this, if they don’t, but Facebook gives priority to video. And so if they start, if you post a video and then someone comments or someone watches it, it’s going to keep recirculating that even without you boosting it.

So it’s a huge win because it’s free. You get a lot of exposure really quickly, but not getting in your head about that live number I think is, is huge because it, it really is irrelevant, not a good state. Yeah. And like you said, you’ve caned, uh, contacts and business from going live. And it’s not something that will necessarily happen right away.

Like when you guys go live, don’t expect anyone to show up. That’s my secret sauce, by the way, one of them. And don’t expect anybody to show up and also don’t expect to have a sale right after that. I mean, think about it. It’s the same thing. When you get on a. Networking call a discovery call, whatever call you’re trying to get on with your business.

It doesn’t mean that you’re automatically going to have that dollar to Ching in your bank account. Right after that call. And I speaking, it takes me about a month to three months to see anything from first conversation. It really just depends on how quickly the agent’s willing to move. But for me, and I know that’s just my industry and my standard right is one to three months.

But if I was constantly thinking I’m going to do one live. First off, it’s kind of a crazy thought. Like let’s really think about it. You do one video and now you’re expecting someone to come and want to buy or sell a house or, or buy or sell a car or whatever your, your industry is. You know, one live video is great and it’s not the end all be all.

They’re not gonna watch your one video. Like they’re not going to watch our video today and say four great tips. Awesome. I need to, they might put the chance of. Is slimmer than if they see us consistently over time and think, you know what? Those people have some good tips I need to call. And on video marketing, I need to talk to a man about client.

Yes. And that’s the beauty of live streaming. Now we’re going to get to tip number two in a second here. Um, but just to emphasize the importance of not only video, but live streaming video, that’s why we put it as number one for your tips here is because it allows people to know like, and trust you a whole lot quicker than anything else you’re going to do.

And when you’re consistent with it, that’s, what’s really going to take your business to the next level here in the next 30, 60, 90 days. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, so let’s go ahead and jump into number two. Two is one of your favorites. Yes. And I will tell you before, in the beginning days of my business, I did not care for this.

Like I knew that this was required and it’s kind of, uh, you know, business 1 0 1, but I did not like doing this. Now I look forward to this and actually anybody who’s on. My list knows that I’m a lot more active these days than I was previously. And that list is your email list. Let’s dive into that. So email list, why is that important, Amanda?

I think it’s, here’s why I think it’s important. And our lane in real estate, I think it’s a quick and easy. No pressure touch. And when I say touch, I mean communication piece with, between you and a possible prospect, not even a prospect possible. And so your sphere of influence, it’s a quick and easy way to stay in touch, right?

If you’re trying to stay in touch with your past clients or your sphere of influence is your friends, family, you know, trusted confidence, all of that. If you’re trying to stay in touch with them, but also not feel salesy, this is a great way to do that because you’re providing value. Yeah. Or at least hopefully in your email list, you’re providing value, and giving them things like I’ll use your email list is a great example.

Ed, you provide tons of tips in there, tons about all kinds of things that are video marketing, but then an additional, I mean you’ll Instagram tips, social media tips, you know, video tips, all of that. And so you’re providing all of this value and it’s a quick and easy, no hassle. Honestly relatively stress-free because you don’t have to send it out.

It’s not like a mailer where you have to go package it and put a stamp on it. Like you create it once and then you send it out and then you create the process and you just change the words and the value give back. But it’s, it’s so easy. And that’s what I think about when I think of email lists is it’s a really easy way to stay in touch with your people.

Exactly. And that’s the important part is. One having one. So for those who are listening, if you don’t have an email list, that is a priority, number one this week for you. Um, we are in week two at the time of this recording of January, 2022. If you do not have an email list, that is okay, we’re not shaming you for that.

We’re educating you to go out and get one today. I don’t care what your budget is because there’s $0 every month for an email list to start. And then you can always upgrade later. So. Go out there. Get your email lists set up and start using it. Um, many of you probably have one set up, but you probably haven’t emailed anybody in weeks, maybe months.

Well, what a great opportunity. It’s the beginning of the year? What a great, like, I think so often people get in their heads about that. Like, well, I can’t start an email list now because I started it two years ago and sent like, I love Bernay brown. I think of this all the time. She just started her own podcast.

She’s one of my favorite authors and professors. I find her research to be fascinating. And she, it, it bugs me. I’m used to podcasts weekly. And she just does it when she feels like, and sometimes it’s six months apart and sometimes she just three in a month. And you’re like, but what a great opportunity for her?

Should she want to start doing podcasts every week to hop back on and say, Hey everybody, I know I’ve been a little Mia, but here’s, here’s what to expect from me in 2022. What a great easy touch. Hey, I’ve been a little out of commission, but I’m ready and you don’t even have to say. Right. I’m jumping back in the game.

I’m going all in, you know, whatever wording feels comfortable, but starting it now is a great time because people expect change. At the beginning of the year, they expect a newness. They expect pivots and people’s business and they almost welcome it. It’s almost like what, oh, what are you doing new in your business?

And what are you doing? And, you know, it’s so quick and easy. That’s the beauty of it. You can all take this opportunity to. Start the new year off. Right. And check in with your list. Hey, it’s been a while. I, I was just checking in how’s business going. Here’s a quick update from my business. Here’s what I’m up to.

Some of you may be switched. Directions in your business, maybe you’re still doing the same thing. Maybe you’re still selling real estate, but now you’re focused more on first-time home buyers or new construction. Um, some of you are business owners, so maybe you, uh, changed your location, your hours, your services.

Something has changed whether you added or took away things that is something you can share with your list. And it’s something that allows you to jump into their inbox again and start that conversation up. And I’ll tell you like there are people on my list. I think there’s probably about, we’ll say 80, that.

Open my emails in a while. Like, cause you get to see data on that. And so what did I do? I took this opportunity the last week, last week where I went through and I emailed them a couple of times to let them know this isn’t going to, I don’t want to take up space in your inbox, so you don’t want to be on the email list.

No problem. I’m removing you on this date. However, if you want to stick around, click. And I’ve had people click it, you know because we get busy and we forget, and I’ll tell you if you’re not emailing on a regular basis. And I know every industry is going to be different, but I will tell you from my experience once a week, um, it is hard for people to remember who you are.

Yeah. Especially if your email doesn’t have you in there. Like if there’s no.

Randomly putting words in there. I don’t care. And so the first thing I do in my email every morning, literally I will sit down, I will open my email and I delete the junk. I don’t look at it. I don’t open it, but if you are someone who has value, I click into it. And so, and it’s all about those one, two clicks.

You don’t need them to read every single word on there, but you need them to get something and think about. So a click is great, right? But let’s, let’s even take it one step back for a minute. For those of you who are stressing out about social media, posting and views and likes and comments and shares.

Take a second here to think about this. You email somebody on your list. They’re not, we’re not even going to say they opened it yet. That you just email somebody on your list and Amanda’s example, she opens up her inbox. She sees your name. She sees the title of your subject. That’s just stepping one. Yup. Who cares if she opens it or not?

She’s in a dedicated space with our business hat on not being distracted by social media. And she just saw your name and a title for you. I don’t even have to click it for it to still be a touch. That’s the cool thing about an email list. Yes. And so always read the ones that I love. I’ll be honest.

There are some people, like, I love their email list and I probably read 25% of it, or twenty-five percent of the ones that get sent in. It’s just when I think about it or when I’m like, oh, today we’ll read it. Right. But I still get the touch of, oh, ed emailed me. It’s Friday. Like that consistency still shines through.

And then also your name still popping. And the same way as if I saw you on Facebook and you posted something, it, it has the same reticular activator. Yes. And that’s the beauty of it. So that’s what I want to encourage you all to do is start embracing your email list as well, because let’s say now Amanda does enter clicks on your email, enters that email and actually starts to look at it.

I don’t care if you have. Learn more by now, call whatever in your link there. It doesn’t matter really, if she clicks any of those links, the fact that she opened it and read through it. Yep. She knows who you are. She knows what you’re doing. And she’s still there. So again, it’s the same thing that social media provides us.

Everyone. I call, I call these, uh, people secret followers. They’re watching us, they’re paying attention and most likely they’re not letting us know that they’re there, but here’s the cool thing is I feel like those people are the ones that come out of the woodworks, like after five or seven years, What you’ve been following me all this time.

Like, there’s the people you always see on your Instagram stories that watch it, or you’re in, you’re like, is this person just clicking through? Like, you’re not sure. And then out of nowhere, they’re like, Hey, want to do business together? And you’re like, what? Yeah. I mean, I had somebody join my, and here’s an example of the power of an email list.

And then we’ll get to number three here in a second. Um, for the top four ways that you can improve your marketing here in 2022. Here’s an example. I just assigned a new client recently for video coaching and they jumped on my email list. So I, I met them on social. They jumped on my email list and I want to say it was probably back at the end of November or in the beginning of January.

So let’s just call it two months. They’ve been on my email list. We maybe knew each other on social. I want to say probably. Three months maybe. Um, but it’s because of my consistency on social and on, um, my email list and how I show up that really helped them understand that they needed to work with me and that they wanted to work with me.

And that now was the time to work with me. And I love what you just said. It’s so. It’s the key to this entire email list. Thing, time, not everyone is going to have the time mental capacity or even the finances to be able to work with you right then and there, when they see your video, they see your email list.

They see your website really. There’ve been a number of brand new agents who are like, I can’t wait to have someone like, you guess what? I’m still going to pour into those people fly because one it’s who I am. It’s a core value of mine to come from service. But also I know it’s going to come back to me, whether it’s that person and five to seven years, or maybe it’s them connecting me like ed, you are not a direct client of mine, but I’ve gotten direct clients because of our.

Yes. And that’s, what’s so cool. Maybe in seven years, you’ll be like, I am blown it up so big and now I need client nurture solutions. They’ll maybe that’ll be a year who knows? Maybe it’ll be never. And this connection and your email list, and I’ll have the same power to continue to connect because you never know.

I have people all the time. They’re like, I just pass your info along. I hope that’s okay. But I was having a conversation with an agent who said they needed someone to clean up their database. And I know that you do that sometimes. I hope it’s cool. And you’re like, heck yeah, it’s cool. Yeah. I done that with you.

And we’ve actually had a strategy session before. And so that’s the beauty of this is that you don’t, sometimes you don’t know, right? Like, think about the iPhone, like quick example. Like we didn’t know, we all needed an iPhone, Android users. Sorry, but you know, we didn’t know that’s another episode, but you know, we didn’t know that we need.

Uh, a smartphone like the iPhone until it was presented to us. And you know, all the features that we get over the years and the different things that come with it. And the fact that we didn’t need a home button anymore, even though we maybe wanted it, you know, like we don’t know until we start to explore.

And when we have a growth mindset that makes things a whole lot easier. Really putting on your list right now, if you haven’t started an email list, start one today and you can just try it. Yeah. That’s the best part. Yeah. And you have something to talk about. Trust me. If you don’t then reach out to us and we’ll have a conversation like it doesn’t have to all be what you come up with.

Two of my favorite people that do email lists, I think this is brilliant because it’s always been one of my big limiting beliefs around. Is, I don’t have enough content. Like, what am I, am I going to tell you? You should wish your clients happy birthday once a week. And that’s my email list, like, or I should tell you your database needs to be cleaned up.

Like that’s how it feels to me. And so I’m like, what the heck could I possibly share? Here’s the cool thing is I can have an email list and say, Hey, I don’t know if any of you are interested, but my friend ed is teaching this awesome class on X, Y, and Z. Uh, if you’re curious about social media posting, my friend Curtis owns a, a business that does.

Here’s this cool article. I found it in the real estate world today. Um, oh, by the way, if you want client nurture solutions, I’m your girl. Like it can be that simple of you promoting your other friends and businesses, you promoting other ideas or articles or whatever. It’s still coming from value and it’s still you it’s you and service-minded.

That was a huge hangup for me when I, I still don’t have an email list. I’ll be fully transparent, but it’s, it’s, that’s always been the biggest thing. That. And I don’t want to start it until I’m willing to be consistent. Cause I don’t like to start things that I know I’m not going to follow through.

And so until I know I’m going to every week, we’re going to do it. I’m unwilling to do any villas, but. Well, and we’re going to be talking offline. We’re going to get you that one listener. She’s going to have one in like two seconds, but see, this is lifetime workshopping. Look at us. Go. Yes. Well, it is so here’s, here’s the cool thing.

So before we get to number three, cause I know we’re getting close on time and everything. Um, we’d like to keep these around 30 minutes, but I want to just keep role-playing for a second on those two pillars, I’m going to call them pillars. You said. What am I going to email my list about reminding them to send a birthday message?

And then what was the second one was, um, crap listeners. If you are seeing live, tell us, I’ll start with the first one though. So, oh, the database is cleaning up your database. See it takes a second. Um, so let’s start with those two quick examples. Cause this how my brain works right. Is helping you figure out the content that you can.

Create, but create also in video format too. That’s what I always like to push. So the birthday situation, you, your main topic is birthdays and reminding people are saying happy birthday on their birthday. So underneath that topic, you can list the top four ways. People can do that. Right. And that’s for that could be four separate emails if you wanted.

Oh, easy. Like, there’s all kinds of strategies around this. Like I’m even thinking it’s my birthday month. How cool would it be? If I sent an email, like, Hey, it’s my birthday month. And so I figured I’d share with you guys the top ways that I, you know, deliver birthday and like there’s so many different ways that you can think about it.

I think it just, it gets getting outside of that box in your head. And really, because it’s not that complicated. And I have a lot of partnerships in the real estate world that I could fill an email. Hey, you want coaching, call this person. You want this call? Like even it didn’t even have to be about me, but you’re so right.

I could just leverage little things like that. Um, that would be huge. And this is what I think someone on my team shared this to me, uh, all the directors for closer prose lead one meeting a month and it was my time. And I was like, I’d really love to share something about client care, but I don’t know what I would share because it all feels common sense to me.

And one of my other directors on the team was like, It’s common sense to you because you do it. But a lot of us would have no idea cause it’s not our world. And so I think about that too. And in terms of everything we’re talking about marketing-wise, just because it feels common sense to you, like a video you might be putting out, it might feel a common sense.

You know, you might be live streaming on mortgage rates or something. I don’t know. And it might feel a common sense to you, but that’s because you live and breathe into it every day. It’s not common sense for everyone else. So how to wish their clients that happy birthday feels like secondhand nature to me, but to someone who’s never done that before, that might feel wildly overwhelming and they have no idea where to start.

Yeah. And that’s the thing that I tell all my clients is. Break it down. Like you, you are the expert, you know, what, what comes naturally to you? So we have to really break it down. And this is a big thing. When it comes to courses, we won’t dive into that side road right now, but this is a big thing with courses.

And one of my, I don’t know if it’s a pet peeve or not, but it’s one of those things where it’s like, everyone’s packing so much into. That’s why no one finishes them, break it down. And when you break it down, go back and review it and break it down some more. So I’m going to say on courses, cause otherwise, we’ll be here for another half hour.

So let’s go ahead and move on to number three, we’ll make three and four quick, by the way, four is going to be my favorite one here. This is kind of like the one. Everyone should know about it. And it’s so brilliant too. Um, so Amanda, what’s number three on our list here. This one you’re big on too, and I love it cause it’s, I’ll say it and then I’ll chat, but the video on your website and.

We’ve talked a lot about this personally because our closure pro’s website does not have a video on it. And I think this is the super, especially in my lane, like in the transaction coordination lane, like, yes, they love to hear that our transaction coordinators have the knowledge and they’re great. But when they hear me talk about client care, this is, this isn’t even me to toot my own horn.

It’s just because it’s such a need in the real estate world. They hear me talk about it and they’re like, I need this. And I’m like, so why wouldn’t I put video on my website? Because if I could just talk about the importance of it, right. If I could get these agents to hear me say, Hey client, the client experience and the client nurture experience is so pivotal.

Why? Because you create clients for life. So you’ll work less. You’ll work more on the front end, but less on the backend. It’s a long-term strategy, but it’s how you really set yourself up for success, where you get those repeat and referral clients on an ongoing basis. Right. When they hear that. I love you real estate agents, but you hear cha-ching right.

Less work, more money. That’s the ultimate goal, right? I’m doing less, but making more. And a lot of my clients that have embraced that have done it, but it’s because they hear it. And so why wouldn’t we create a strategy where they can hear it and see it. And, and it’s so much more relatable. You just see my picture on our website where I’m like, hi, I do client care things.

And it’s so great. Right? What if you heard me and you heard my passion and you heard me. I really want to help you like man, how much more business could I do? And you as the agent, how much more business could you do and seeing you light up, like so many of you, I see you on Instagram. I see you on Facebook.

I see you on LinkedIn. You love your job, like good work. And yet you’re afraid to show that on video and you’re afraid to let people really see who you are. Which is crazy to me because that’s who you are in real life. And that’s where they’re, they’re going to meet. And yes, you can point that’s who they’re going to meet anyways.

So why not? Exactly. And I understand that. Over 97% of people research you before they ever contact you. And that was a statistic before COVID I probably can guarantee you that 99% of people research you before they ever contact you these days. So, and now we live in a world of information overload, so I can go and type in ed Troxell on Facebook and YouTube and take talking to everywhere and be like, is this.

Is this the video coach I really want to hire and I get to see you, which hopefully if you’re a great human plays really well for you, because if I’m going to click on your Facebook ad, I’m going to be like, I need him in my life. Cause I like he does it so well and flawlessly and easy. I need him, but it’s video is the number one way you can relate to people without actually being face-to-face.

And you can duplicate it. So like I’m even thinking why not add on, cause this is the biggest hangup in my business. Personally, it’s getting people to understand the difference between client care, which is the long-term nurture of people you’ve already solidified. Right? So past clients, they’ve already worked with you or your sphere of influencing people who, friends, family, you know, who already know you.

Keeping those people happy, loving on those people so that they create a business in the future. So that lane versus the inside sales agent lane, which is cold calling and brand new lead generation, why not create a video on my website? And then that way, when people say, Hey, can you call these old leads? I can say, Hey, I actually don’t do that.

Let me send you a video about what I do, because right now it’s just a list of services. Here’s the things that I’m willing to do. Let me know which ones you want. Why wouldn’t I. Add a little video. That’s like, Hey, so you’re thinking about client care. Let me tell you what client care is and what it can do for you.

And then I can repurpose it. So instead of sending my flyer, now I can send my flyer and a video. Oh, yes. See. So Amanda’s getting us to step number four here in your marketing efforts and we are unintentional. Yes, no, that is, that was a good tie in, and I have to pause this for a second because the fourth one is big and it’s really going to wrap everything up here.

But before we get. What I’m hearing Amanda, tell us here. And again, we’re going through a live workshop pretty much here is that Amanda’s going to be working on her email list and creating that video, explaining what she does, because as you can see, if you’re watching the video version of this, she lights up and she gets in her zone of genius.

And that is a beautiful, beautiful thing. So. You and I have some work to do Amanda. Yes, we do. We always do. Yes. Um, okay, so number four, and then we’ll do a quick wrap up before we, uh, call it a date today. But number four is going to be adding video. Are you guys ready for this adding video to your paper?

Flyers and or business cards and or presentations? So. I love this. Amanda, how many times, especially in real estate, do you see people just have the same boring old flyers? No offense, but you know, it’s true. And it’s N I’ll be a hundred percent honest because I am very nitpicky on this. It’s never anything that I feel like the client cares about.

I always put myself in the shoes of someone. Like the goal of door knocking the goal of mailers, the goal of farming, any of those things that you’re sending out direct mail, likely to people, you know, or don’t know the goal is to, for a connection, right? Yep. Very baseline. The goal is hopefully they call you or email you for more information.

And then from there that goal becomes, let’s get them face to face. I used to work with an agent who would solidify almost every person if he could get them face-to-face. And so we designed his entire lead gen strategy around being face-to-face. Once they met him, they trusted him and they loved him and they wanted to work with him.

But most of the print material I see is not anything that customer cares about. That’s the number one thing. But number two is it doesn’t have an action step that allows them to relate. That’s easy and hands off. And what I mean by that is, it just says. For the highest dollar in your neighborhood call me, which is great, but there’s some people who might not want to call right away.

Maybe they just want a little bit more information, um, which is fine if you have a website, but another great reason to have video on your website is maybe they go to your website and then they see you. And then they’re like, you know what? Maybe I do want to sell my. Yeah, but if you did, we already say the point, I don’t want to ruin it.

No, no, it’s all good. So that is exactly the reason why we want to drop this fourth one for all of you, which is a big, big one. And if we need to, we can even do an episode just on this one to even walk you through how this is done. Um, this is something we did in a workshop, um, back in September, but adding what’s called a QR code.

To your fliers. Now this is something that you probably have seen a lot of, because of prior to that, it was here and there. But because of COVID, we’ve seen it pop up all over the place, especially in restaurants. So you’re not touching menus and things, and it’s, it’s a little square. Um, usually it’s square black and whites, but it can nowadays be pretty much anything you want.

Weird-looking code thing, black bars basically, but you scan it with your phone, your camera, and it will actually open up a. And it could be your website. It can be to your video. Um, it, it can be anything that’s linkable. And so what Amanda was sharing with us about the, you know, these regular flyers and I love how you said the just sold flyer because yes, let’s take that for a quick example.

And then we’ll, we’ll, we’ll wrap things up because we’re getting close. We’re a little past time here, but, um, when you have a, just sold for. For those who are sending it, you know, what they look like for those who have received it, you probably have, or you probably have seen one in your mailbox or someone’s mailbox.

Um, hopefully you weren’t in their mailbox, but anyway, it’s just sold us thinking like that’s not possible. Um, but in your flyer, you get, you get a mailer, so you get a little mailer and it’s got a, just sold. Real estate person on there looks a little cheesy and it doesn’t feel anything. There’s no authentic like connection.

Right. How cool would it be if you had a QR code on there with you? Pointing to it saying, scan me. And then I scan it with my phone and then it opens up a video of you explaining what happened, what happened with the sale, why just sold, why you’re the best and how you can help them. Or even just tell like, this is kind of what you’re saying too, but telling the story.

I think that even if they don’t want to buy or sell right now, neighbors are nosy. They want to know what the house sold for. So even if it’s not a direct lead right now, Like my dad is a perfect example of this. My dad like goes to open houses all the time. Like he’ll just start finding real estate agents and be like, can I get into this house?

And I’m like, dad, you can’t do that. You’re making work for free. You don’t have any interest in buying. Don’t do it. And. He would totally QR scan. Cause he would be like, that’s cool. What’s this. And then he’d scan it and it would open up, like you’re saying a video that’s like, Hey, you might be curious what we sold this house for.

And I’m going to tell you, but first I want to tell you the story. I want to tell you how we got here. And so all has maintained this whole. Flawlessly for 20 years. And because of that, it paid off. And so we were able to set some neighborhood records and yada yada yada. And so if you’re considering it, I’d love it.

If you connected with me, because we just sold this for 200,000 over ask, and I’d love to help you do the same, what a different message that is because you’re capturing them with the story. You’re giving them a hook of, Hey, I know you want to know the price, but the story’s cooler. Let me tell you the story first.

And then it’s you. And it’s, if you get, you might get less scans than you would eyes on 200,000 over, like, if it was just in text on the postcard, we might get less eyes actually seeing it. But the eyes that you do see, you know, that they’re bought in because they took it a step further. It’s kind of like on your email list, like, just because like you were saying it just because I might not have opened this week doesn’t mean that, you know, I don’t care anymore.

It’s still touching, but then you can see, okay. You know, five people clicked in, but they took it a step further. So those five people are more bought in than the hundred that might’ve laid eyes and did nothing. Right. And so true. And here’s the cool thing about that is that you can create that one video for that just sold flyer, which literally could take you maybe five to 10 minutes.

Because again, we’re not talking Hollywood production here. People we are talking about. Grabbing your phone and doing the work. And so that one video can be tied to that flyer, that mailer, but you can also share it on social. You can also share it on your website and wait for it. Wait for it. You can send it in your email.

Crazy. Oh my goodness. Well, and you can even, I’ve seen agents do this and I think it’s really cool. This is an added teaser, but they add it to Instagram reels or Tik talks and they don’t vote. They just music over whatever. And it’s like maybe handing off the keys. And so maybe the video that he posted on their Facebook is, Hey, handing ed his keys, you know, great.

And then maybe they take that and there they do music over it and Tik TOK or Instagram, and then it repurposes it. And so once again, you’re adding in more video, more, you. Things that people care about and want to see, but easy duplicatable and relatively cheap. If not. Yeah. All of these things that we talked about are budget-friendly for everyone.

Let me tell you, like for sure. All of them, uh, so we could be here all day, such a good episode. Well, I think you should tell them our statistics. I’m sure if they’ve tuned in before, but I think just for, since we’re now in the year 2022, ed, tell us why video is so important. Oh, yeah. Uh, because I was like, which statistic.

So the reason why we talk heavily about video and why you need to start embracing it more. So this year is because over 80% of all internet traffic is going to be. Related to, so this year, yes. And it’s this year. So over 80%. So you really need to embrace it. And again, we’re not asking for Hollywood production, Instagram lifestyle picture, perfect, curated feed, crap, like Hutch.

It’s going to say that like there’s a time and a place for that, maybe for your business. Um, but understand that that’s. All you have to focus on and all you have to do. We, we need you to start using this, that your, your phone more and getting your message out there and getting your face out there. Again, there’s many ways that you can do it, even if you’re like, I really don’t want to show my face.

I’m going to encourage you to do it. Um, and you need to, but there’s ways to get around that, um, as well. For sure. Good. Yeah. So as we close up, let’s just, uh, do a quick run-through real quick, quick run through real quick, you can do that on a live and it’s fine. And you catch yourself. Everything’s fine.

It’s joke about it. Yeah, exactly. So today we covered. For, uh, easy ways for you to step up your marketing here in 2022, uh, number one was live streaming video. Number two was email marketing. Number three was video on your website. And number four was adding video to your flyers and mailers and businesses.

Which that was the hook at the end there. So you’ll have to rewatch however you want to, uh, to get that on there. Uh, but that’s what we had for you today. Amanda, anything else you got for us? No, I think this is good. All right, cool. So we will let you all go. Thank you so much for tuning into us. Be sure to share this out, connect with us wherever you’re showing up on social or online.

You can go to our websites as well. And if you need anything, let us know. Otherwise. We’ll see you back here next Monday at 8:00 AM. Take care, everyone.


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