We all want to learn more.

Sometimes we feel like if we just had a few more hours we could learn and do more. Well, you dont need more hours. What you need is better practices. Try these 4 ways to learn more:

  1. Set an agenda – scheduling time for the various tasks you need to complete will help you get the work done without feeling like the day flew by.
  2. Repetition – This is key for anything. The more you repeat something the more you will not only learn but understand better.
  3. Take breaks – every 30 or 60 minutes you need to take a break. By building in your breaks you become more productive and less stressed. I recommend a minimum of 15 minutes where you can take a walk outside and really clear your mind.
  4. When browsing online stay focused – Open a new window for a specific task. Within that windows open a new tab as it relates to the main task. Once you complete the task you can start closing your tabs & windows. It’s almost like a to do list check off.



What ways work best for you? What was your favorite quote from the video? Share your best tips below in the comments. 


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