What to outsource in your business

Running a business is a full-time gig which means there is a lot of work to do! It also means that you can not possibly do all this work by yourself. You need to stay focused on what you do best and hand off (outsource) the rest. It will feel weird at first and you might even think you can’t afford to outsource but trust me, you can. Here are 7 things you should outsource if they are not your main gig.

1. Branding – unless branding is your business you will probably want to outsource this to a professional. Branding is key to your success. It is a large part of building that solid foundation

2. Copy writing – the words you choose to be on your website, especially the main pages and sales pages are an art. You want to make sure the language flows and is painting a picture that guides your visitors through the journey — the journey you are taking them on

3. Web design – I’m all about empowering you to build your own website, but if this is not something you are interested in, outsource it! Throwing a website up on the internet is easy and anyone can do it. You want to carefully craft a place you and your visitors call home. You want to build a place that provides a clean, well put together home that people will want to explore further. They want to see what else they can discover on your website

4. Legal – many overlook this part of the business. You want to make sure you are getting the right contracts, policies, verbiage etc. right the first time

5. Video and audio editing – if you don’t like editing then find someone who does. With live broadcasting being so big you need to have good video and audio edits for your final file.

6. Marketing – this is what your business will be built on. If you don’t have marketing you don’t have clients which means you don’t have money coming in. No money coming in means you can’t do what you love

7. Social media – this one is tricky. Many like to outsource this one, but I find it to be challenging to do that (depending on the content). I personally love researching and sharing what I find which is why I haven’t outsourced this part yet. I know many just don’t want to deal with social media so they hand it off to someone else. Just be sure to do your research and ask yourself if outsourcing this part is really worth it. Also consider other things you’ve outsourced

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