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Helping real estate agents and entrepreneurs use video to connect with their audience, drive more business, and feel more confident online while staying current with today’s technology.

Grab Your Quick-start video Guide

Creating videos is intimidating. Most agents and entrepreneurs don’t know what to say, do or even know where to start.

I get it, and that’s why I developed this quick start guide with a 12 point checklist and professional tips I’ve used for the last seven years.

Grab the Quick-Start Guide to Creating Better Videos PDF now. Stop feeling unsure and start using video to be seen as an expert in your niche to your audience.

How can we help you?

Ed Troxell Creative provides digital marketing solutions for small business owners and real estate agents specializing in live streaming video

Video Coaching

Looking to utilize video more effectively in marketing your business online? We can help make it easier for you to plan, film, edit, and share video content that you feel comfortable and confident with. Get UNSTUCK with video today! #VideoMarketing

Ed Troxell Creative provides small business consulting

Video Accountability

Rise above life’s daily distractions and follow through on your video goals that way your business doesn’t get left behind. We can help you get on task and keep you there so you can be more consistent with creating your video content online.

Video Marketing Community

Discover the simple and effective online tools that will make your life so much easier with solutions that are easy to understand and quick to implement – saving you time and putting money back in your pocket. Get answers to your questions today! 

Making marketing online easier & less stressful

There are a lot of different parts to marketing your business online, all of which involve technology (which can be crazy stressful for you) and these days, video – you being on camera, filming yourself, editing video, and sharing it across multiple digital channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, email, and your website.

As a digital marketing consultant specializing in video marketing, it’s our job to help make it easier for you to create and share videos that market your business online

Discover the simple tools and marketing strategies that will help you be seen, drive more business, and make a greater impact online all WITHOUT you wanting to pull your hair out.


About Us

Business Online made easier

As a business owner, you want to be confident, capable, and calm when marketing your business online.

To do that, you need someone who is a techie, who can easily explain all the tech stuff and help guide you through it.

That’s why we founded Ed Troxell Creative in 2015. To be a resource and guide for small business owners, real estate agents, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits spanning the globe.

Small business owner Ed Troxell making online businesses easier for small business owners

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