Does digital marketing make you want to pull your hair out? 

Today it’s all about getting your business seen and heard online – if technology is not your thing then you better find someone (cough, me, Ed Troxell, Digital Marketer) to help you. If you don’t get the right support you will be leaving money on the table and risk your business becoming the next Blockbuster video store.

Of course, being online is just the start. Once your business is online then you need to step back to analyze everything. You need to determine the best use of your time, what tools (technology) to use, and where your resources are for when you get stuck – you will get stuck…it’s not if, it’s WHEN.

Most business owners get held back by technology therefore they stop moving forward or worse, they throw money at something (Facebook ads) they actually don’t need let alone know how to use. That’s why you’re here today, to get solutions for your business – answers to those pesky tech questions that are keeping you up at night (check out our Business Solutions here)

Let me personally welcome you…

Hi, my name is Ed Troxell, Founder of Ed Troxell Creative and the proud creator of MIX IT UP Magazine, Stupid EasyThe Hey Ed NetworkYes to Entrepreneurship & the Y-Notter movement (#Ynotter). I currently sit on the board of directors for the North Bay Professional Marketing Group.

I’ve been working with small business owners for over 12 years now providing: Business Mentoring, Tech Support, Digital Marketing, Photographer & Videographer. I bring a unique set of skills to the table (like a Swiss Army knife) that is sure to be a game changer for any business.

My world revolves around business, technology, social media, and the user experience. I learn as much as possible so that I can break it all down to its simplest form for you! Oh, and I know what you’re thinking, “What if I have a dumb question Ed?

First off, there are no “dumb questions” when you work with me. Second, if you have a question just ask and I will provide you with the simplest answer.  I’m passionate about what I do and my goal is to help as many entrepreneurs build their businesses online as possible. 

My promise to you is to always have your best interest at heart, to provide you with the best options, and to keep the communication lines open. Together we can accomplish anything! 

Helping your business show up, deliver & engage online


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“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

– Thomas A. Edison

“Who is Ed?”

Becoming a Full-Time Entrepreneur

Imagine working a 9-to-5 sales job.

Every day you show up on time — in fact, usually 20 minutes before you’re supposed to start — to make sure you’re well prepared for the day ahead. You clock in, check your emails, research, and share helpful tips with your team before hitting the sales floor.

Now imagine doing this and more each and every day for four years. Then one day your review comes and everything changes. Before going into your review you mentally prepare yourself and review your hard work over the past year.

As you walk confidently into your review knowing you just had your best performing year yet — I mean, being consistently the top performer for the past year with $1.7 million out the door speaks volume — so this review looks promising right? You sit down in your review and patiently wait to hear about your raise — after all, it should be good given your hard work right?

Now imagine the surprise when your manager says, “You’re getting a typical 3% raise.”

You think, “typical? What’s typical about the work that I did besides me clocking in each day like everyone else?” That was the last straw. It didn’t even matter what the 3% came out to because you stopped listening after “typical.”

It wasn’t until your next paycheck when you called HR to ask them about your “typical 3% raise” as you didn’t see it on your paycheck. That’s when HR pointed it out, “It’s there. You see that $.26? That is your raise.”

That’s when you laugh and think, “$.26 for all my hard work, dedication, and for being the top performer while helping manage my team and having the best year yet… $.26, are you freaking kidding me!” And that’s when you realized its time for a change!

And that my friends is when Ed Troxell Creative was born.

The original Y-Notter 

Since I was a kid I was a talker – sharing all my crazy business ideas with whoever would listen to me. My mom would say (and she still does to this day), “All you want to do is talk, talk, talk. You’re always talking non-stop about all these big ideas you have – you never stop, but I love you!”

At the age of 5, I started working with my dad who was a handyman but I knew right away that was not a career option for me – carrying buckets full of broken tile didn’t bring me joy.  People always joke that I was born an entrepreneur because I live and breathe it every day!

Growing up, my first job was selling sodas to the neighborhood kids – I saw a need and I provided a solution. At the age of 16, I started working part-time in the “traditional office” setting filing purchase orders – that didn’t last long as I was bored out of my mind. It was a paycheck though and I was happy to have a job – I know how hard everyone in my family worked just to put food on the table which is why I’ve always been happy with having a job.

Back in college, I built my first business MIX IT UP Magazine – I did this while going to school full-time and working several part-time jobs. It was one of the best experiences of my life as it taught me so much about business and it opened many doors for me. And now you’re all caught up! For all my solopreneurs and entrepreneurs reading this be sure to join the Y-Notter movement.

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