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Digital Marketing is hard, right?



How do you know where to start?

With so much information out there – and everyone telling you that their way is the best way – it’s challenging and time-consuming as a business owner to know where to start online.

You could waste hundreds of hours of your precious time and cost your business thousands of dollars in untapped revenue. Not to mention risking becoming the next Blockbuster video store. 

Digital marketing doesn’t have to be hard.

You started your business, printed your business cards, maybe built your website, and signed up for Facebook and Instagram.

Now it’s time to do something with all of that – it’s time to share your business with the world through storytelling using the power of today’s technology. Don’t worry, we break all the technology down so that it’s easy to understand and implement in your business. 

If you’re ready to grow your business organically (no paid ads) online with ease – get quick, trustworthy answers to all your business and tech questions without being judged for not knowing (there are no “dumb questions here) – then you’ve come to the right place!

“The value for the price is excellent. The community is encouraging and fun. It makes self-employment less lonely and way less daunting when facing tech needs.” – Current Member (Edster)

On-Call Tech Support

Business Coaching

Online Tool Training

Daily Q&A's

Social Media Best Practices


Attract and Retain Customers

“This shouldn’t take long…” is EVERY entrepreneur’s famous last words

3 hours later, you’re still searching out answers and hitting roadblocks no tutorials mention. When DIY-ing keeps you from making forward progress in your business–that’s one expensive rabbit hole!

The Hey Ed Network helps business owners, the Y-Notter’s, market their business online organically with ease and no fluff!

Fast Track Your Business Success


Fast Answers

The Hey Ed Network is personally staffed by our chief BizTechologist, Ed Troxell – Have a question? Ask Ed, not Google.


Have Fun

Don’t go it alone, join a community of fellow business-builders ready to support and encourage you in your digital marketing efforts.


Keep Learning

Stay competitive in your field with weekly training sessions covering a range of topics from marketing, social media, content creation and ways to save time and money.

Most entrepreneurs get bogged down setting up their business by themselves. Hey Ed is a digital marketing support network for small business owners who need QUICK and trustworthy answers to all their tech and business questions.

You Need Ed.

“Ed knows his stuff! I consider myself to be pretty tech-savvy, but Ed has saved my skin more than once. Highly recommend the Hey Ed membership!” Lea Jacobson

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Our active community is filled with dynamic business owners like you looking to easily grow their business online through digital marketing.


Get Answers

Ask your questions – tech, business, marketing – as they come up and receive answers right away – it’s just that easy! 

Huge Time Saver!

“I’ve cut out at least 3 hours a week in researching and surfing groups for help. Even just being pointed in the right direction is a huge relief.” Erin Ashby

A Road Map to Your Thriving Business

The Hey Ed Network helps you easily market your business online using technology that works with you – not against you.

You shouldn’t have to waste time and money figuring everything out on your own.

The problem is, there are so many options and you don’t want to get left behind. It’s frustrating that website, social media and other technology is always changing. It’s not that you can’t figure it out. It’s that you don’t have time. 

So instead of wasting time with Google, ask Ed about:


Web design basics




Facebook live broadcasting


Email marketing


Social media marketing


Content creation

Join Hey Ed, and fast-track your way to a thriving business.

Hey Ed Network

Digital Marketing Made Easy



Daily check-in's


Weekly calls


Exclusive online tutorials


Direct access to Ed


Training to advance your business online with ease


Real-Time answers to your questions


Exclusive access to our private Facebook community

Struggle to get your business online & thriving

Stay stressed out by your business tech and tools

Waste money on things you don't need

Create negative customer experiences

Second guess yourself and worry you're not doing it right

Save time and money

Stay focused on growing & serving your customers

Feel confident you have the tools you need

Never go down the DIY rabbit hole

Free up time for friends and family

Easy access to help when you need it.

“Remove the tech obstacles holding you back from creating what you were put here to do. THATS the Hey Ed community.” Jennifer Philips

Digital Marketing Made Easy

Stay focused on what you love doing most while you save time and money Join Hey Ed Today!

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