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Hey Ed

Entrepreneurs, do you ever get stuck in your business and wonder where you’re supposed to go to get support? Do you find running a business online challenging given the complicated technology? If so then let me welcome you to Hey Ed, where I make running an online business easy for you!

Is your time worth more than $3.20 a day?

I bet it is and if you said “Yes” then there’s no reason to keep holding yourself back any longer – let your greatness shine through! Seize this opportunity to invest in your business and more importantly invest in yourself! Keep scrolling to learn more about Hey Ed and how to join. 


I teach and guide entrepreneurs on how to…

Effectively use Facebook without spending money on ads 

Craft a better user experience for your website 

Think like your customers 

Show up, deliver and engage online so you can start attracting new business 

Grow your confidence while sharing what you know

And so much more!

What is Hey Ed?

Hey Ed is the best business support service for entrepreneurs. It’s one place where entrepreneurs can go to get their questions answered, be pointed in the right direction, and learn everything from how to overcome tech challenges to how to grow their business online. Hey Ed All-Access gives you both Tech support & Business consulting for one extremely low price all month long!

What happens inside…

Inside Hey Ed entrepreneurs just like you can ask their business & tech related questions and instantly get answers – no more searching, waiting, booking appointments, and wasting all that time, not to mention money.

Just log on, post, and receive your answers!

Entrepreneurs can also browse popular topics to discover on their own something new as well as connect with other Hey Ed members – we have this really cool discovery feature that lets you see other members near you. Hey Ed members also get bonuses like weekly check-in’s and themed training – Hey Ed is almost like an online business school. Check out our easy to use app (see video below).

Tech Support

Technology can be very complicated but it doesn’t have to be when you have Hey Ed! Simply post your question (or what’s going on) and I can easily break it down for you in a way that makes sense and keeps you moving forward. I can advise you on what you need and more importantly, don’t need.


Business Training

Explore our popular topics to further your personal development. Hey Ed provides on-going training to keep entrepreneurs up-to-date –  Learn about growing your business online, how to be seen on Facebook, how to update your own website and so much more! 



Get insight and advice from your peers. Connect with other members to share your expertise and learn from each other. Use our “Discovery” feature to find entrepreneurs near you. The community is everything and soon you will find out just how special the Hey Ed community is for entrepreneurs. 

Generating Solutions. Saving You Time & Money.

“Technology is moving to fast for you to be confined to the proven ideas in your industry. To stay ahead, you have to learn to collect insights and ideas from beyond your specific niche & industry.“ – Nick Westergaard

This is exactly why you need to join Hey Ed because we do just that! 

Questions Answered

Saved Members $$$

Why Hey Ed is different

For one, I’m a real person who genuinely cares about helping other entrepreneurs avoid the pitfalls and online scams that paralyze so many of us. Second, this is my job – I research and stay up-to-date with technology daily.

I’m not only a “Techie” who can provide tech support, but I also bring to the table a unique skill set that encompasses business, marketing, sales, and customer service – helping your run a well-oiled machine.

I created Hey Ed out of a need to help non-techies easily understand how to use technology to grow their business online. Inside Hey Ed I teach entrepreneurs how to update their website, go live on Facebook, and really utilize the tools and resources that are available to all of us – this is all in addition to answering questions that come up.  

At the end of the day I teach you what you need to know, save you time, and put money back in your pocket so that you can invest more in your business. 


From Our Members

I absolutely love being part of your community and I am so glad I discovered you!

Chrissie Lowery

The Cuddle Bed Company

Skip the drive to the Apple store, avoid paying fees to get help with computer questions every time you got one, and remove the tech obstacles holding you back from creating what you were put here to do. THATS the Hey Ed community.

Jennifer Phillips

Holistic Health Coach, Jennifer Phillips HHC

In just the first couple of weeks, Ed’s expert advice and cutting-edge knowledge saved me hundreds of dollars.

Lea Jacobson

Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

Hey Ed, is THE resource every business owner needs to stay on top of technology and social media to help ensure business success.

Micki Webb

Micki Webb, Special Education Consultant

Let’s Keep You Moving Forward

Here are some of the common questions people ask

What does it cost?

When you sign up here through my website, Hey Ed membership is $97/month and renews automatically. Once a member you have access to all content and the community for as long as you’re a member. Join Today!

Still on the fence? Schedule a call or click on the little blue chat bubble in the lower right corner of this page to start a conversation with Ed.

Are there any contracts?

Nope! This is a month to month membership which means you can Cancel Anytime before your next charge.

All I ask is that we have a conversation about why you want to cancel just so that I can see where my opportunities are – this is not to pressure you to stay. This is your space and you can stay as long as you like. 

Join here today!

*Please note: This membership does not replace 1:1 consults which may be needed on a case by case basis for more personal attention. 

Who is Ed? Real people answer this

You can learn all about Ed by checking out the about page and/or you can listen to one of the videos below:

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