Influence Digest names Ed Troxell one of the top 15 coaches in Santa Rosa in 2022

Being overlooked is the worse

You have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer your ideal clients but if you are not showing up on video how are they supposed to find you?

It’s time to activate the power of video so you can: 

  • Build your brand online
  • Increase your visibility
  • And attract more ideal clients

Be seen with video marketing


Get Noticed

Start attracting clients naturally with your videos


Get Clients.

Allow people to get to know you before they ever reach out


Get Ahead.

Stand out from the crowded marketplace & become the agent of choice

What you can expect

✔️ Personalized Coaching

I’ll work with you one-on-one to develop a customized marketing strategy that aligns with your unique strengths, goals, and brand.

✔️ Comprehensive Training

You’ll have access to a wealth of training materials, from technical tips and tricks to storytelling and scripting guidance – all with up-to-date technology so you never feel left behind again.

✔️ Accountability

I’ll be there to offer guidance, feedback, and encouragement as you implement your marketing strategy and see results.

✔️ A Clear Plan

Finally, you’ll have a clear plan that is easy for you to implement so that you can attract more qualified leads, get more listings, and close more deals all while nurturing your sphere of influence. 

The backstory

Truth is, I too faced self-doubt.

I didn’t like the way I sounded on video. I didn’t like the way I looked on video.

In fact, I use to fear being on video, that is until I left my full-time job at Apple to start my own business, Ed Troxell Creative. 

Starting the business was easy, figuring out how to attract clients and stand out from the competition was the real challenge.

Enter video.

Being on video was the clear solution to attracting clients and standing out from the competition.

Once I activated the power of video I never looked back and my business is still going strong after 7+ years.

A look at Ed Troxell's past which lead him to video marketing

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