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Designed for the overwhelmed entrepreneur who wants to go from digital mess to success with simple, effective, strategies that work.










Susana Crofton
Susana Crofton
Working with Ed is amazing. He's deeply knowledgeable about marketing and is helping me strategize and implement what my business needs to succeed. My business is in good hands with Ed.
Jason Gleim
Jason Gleim
Our company feels like it has been a true asset to have met Ed Troxell and to have him apart of our journey for a time while our company is just getting started. His sense of direction and the clear messages he openly communicates has helped challenge my belief system that I have carried quite awhile. We have only had a couple of Zoom meetings, but I do feel encouraged and will continue to seek his guidance as struggles come upon us. Electrical Detectives Inc., is much stronger after reaching out to him and being receptive to his guidance.
Swedish Wallpaper Installation
Swedish Wallpaper Installation
Ed has helped me organize my business in a way I didn’t think was possible. All the task and information that a small business owner must figure out and deal with is overwhelming and stressful. Ed made all those tasks so much easier, and fun! I got so much more efficient thanks to Ed. His marketing ideas opened for more clients, and he got me on the right track to move forward when I was stuck. I highly recommend Ed and his business to all businesses that need a guide to move forward with their marketing and grow as a business. He is always positive, a great listener and full of energy. He truly likes to help entrepreneurs move forward and grow. I like how he always sees a way to take the next step of any idea presented. He has a way to see everything from a bigger perspective and how you can improve and grow over a long time. Take the next steps and improve so you will be successful over a long time. He always has good input and new ideas on how to improve the marketing strategy. I have so much positive energy after our sessions. Always new things to work on. Ready to work! I can’t thank Ed enough! Tommy
Theresa Cicchetto
Theresa Cicchetto
Thank for helping me organize my process!
Vanessa Robledo
Vanessa Robledo
Ed is one of the best business consultants I have worked with. He has helped take my business to a new level of marketing. Our company will continue to work with him as we grow.
Jet Howell
Jet Howell
Ed has the gift of being an encourager and brilliant teacher. He is eager to share his knowledge to guide you on how to grow your business. His compassion and love for serving entrepreneurs is apparent in all he does. He has a personality that draws people in and puts them at ease very quickly. He's an amazing mentor and he spreads joy with his smile! I highly recommend Ed and his company to support you in growing your business.
Youthful Glow by Anna
Youthful Glow by Anna
I would give Ed 100 stars if I could! By chance, Ed was brought into my life to help me become a more efficient business owner! Ed is the most patient, honest, genuine, thoughtful, inspiring mentor I could ever ask for. On occasion our sessions turn into therapy sessions, when I am feeling less than with my progress. He has a way of motivating me to do better, offers helpful suggestions, and is always the cheerleader to congratulate! I enjoy all of our sessions together, and think of him more than a business coach/mentor, but as a friend. I cannot recommend Ed enough to anyone that will listen!
Earleena Fatosa
Earleena Fatosa
Ed taught me how to be confident in front of the camera, how to prepare myself mentally and emotionally before hitting that go live button. He also taught me how to be strategic with my video content for social media, while still making it fun for me to connect with my audience online. He showed me how to repurpose my video content which enabled me to become more visible to the right people, in more places while saving me a tremendous amount of time! Ed Troxell is patient, kind, professional, and wonderful at teaching you how and why you should be going live. He teaches you how to produce quality videos no matter how tech-savvy you are/aren’t or what your budget is. By the way, Ed is also great at landing pages, copy writing, and teaching you how to put all your digital pieces together. If you run a business and are serious about taking your digital marketing efforts to the next level, I highly suggest Ed’s video marketing program!
Tabitha Liburd
Tabitha Liburd
Ed is your personal Tech Guru, teacher and super encourager all rolled into one person. He's the first person I turn to when i need to cut through the noise and find Tech solutions that suit my business. His "Coaches Go Live" program helped me get my Live Show up and running, and gave me the confidence to launch.
Rhonda Lowe
Rhonda Lowe
I have found Ed to be very knowledgeable and approachable. He makes it easy to understand the process and make it feel "doable!" We have been able to collaborate on a couple of things and it has been a pleasure working with him.


I’m Ed Troxell

You know, a lot of solopreneurs rely on word-of-mouth referrals and really struggle with having to market themselves online.
It’s like shouting into a crowded room and hoping someone hears you.
That’s where I come in.
As The Marketing Guy, I offer 1:1 and group coaching to help you go from overwhelmed to organized and confident.

Since 2015, nestled in the vibrant heart of Sonoma County, California, we have passionately empowered business professionals across industries and the country to thrive in the digital world.

Leveraging my experience at Apple Inc., I combine sales and marketing expertise with a passion for creating strategic systems that are simple, effective, and easy for you to implement.

I offer more than just services—we forge a partnership in progress, navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape together. Recognized as a top coach in Santa Rosa (Influence Digest) and California (Real Estate Bees), I am committed to your success.

At the core of my philosophy lies the 3 keys to success in anything that you do: Show Up, Deliver, Engage.

My approach


Define a clear and compelling vision for your business to guide your strategic decisions.


Implement efficient systems and processes to streamline your operations and enhance productivity.


Take decisive and consistent actions to execute your business plan and achieve your goals.


Measure your progress and celebrate your successes as you grow and scale your business.

Sonoma County Professionals - the best local and online networking group near me.

How do I know if a coach is right for me?

Choosing the right coach can transform your entrepreneurial journey. Look for a coach whose expertise aligns with your goals and industry. Check their experience, credentials, and client testimonials. Ensure their coaching style matches your learning preferences, and most importantly, feel a strong connection and trust. With the right coach, you’ll gain clarity, confidence, and the tools to achieve your business dreams and beyond.

Book a call today to see if we are a good fit and if so, how we can work together to elevate your success.

Clients who overcame their video challenges

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Success stories

“One of my favorite things Ed does is how he teaches ME to do the tasks. I’ve worked with another social media teacher briefly but she would take my devices and open the sections that we needed to work on – Faster but not going to help me when I’m on my own. Ed really wants me to know how to do all of this myself. He encouraged me to start filming Facebook Live videos and we created a YouTube channel to repurpose those videos. He keeps me motivated and accountable. Highly recommend that everyone should work with Ed!”


"Working 1:1 with Ed got me off my excuses – I stopped procrastinating & fearing I wouldn’t do it well – and into making videos."


"I would give Ed 100 stars if I could! Ed is the most patient, honest, genuine, thoughtful, inspiring mentor I could ever ask for. He has a way of motivating me to do better, offers helpful suggestions, and is always the cheerleader to congratulate! I cannot recommend Ed enough!"


"Thinking about how to grow your Real Estate business & differentiate yourself in the marketplace... video is the way to go and Ed is the person to help you do it."


"I got a new listing, completed 2 rental leases, and started working with 4 buyers WITHOUT a single cold call – your video strategy works!"


Ed’s backstory

Truth is, I too faced self-doubt.

I didn’t like the way I sounded on video. I didn’t like the way I looked on video.

In fact, I use to fear being on video, that is until I left my full-time job at Apple to start my own business, Ed Troxell Creative. 

Starting the business was easy, figuring out how to attract clients and stand out from the competition was the real challenge.

Enter video.

Being on video was the clear solution to attracting clients and standing out from the competition.

Once I activated the power of video I never looked back and my business is still going strong after 7+ years.

A look at Ed Troxell's past which lead him to video marketing

Your journey, our guidance

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