Ed Troxell

I’m your Business Development and Tech Expert. My job is to help you better understand how to use today’s technology so that you can show up, deliver and engage with your core audience. You call me when you need someone to:

  • Build you an easy to manage website,
  • Help you be creative and think like your customers
  • Show you how to use the technology you already have or even better, show you other available options you’re not yet aware of
  • Oversee all things tech (website, social media, video, digital products, online courses, troubleshoot etc.)

Whether you’re just getting started with brainstorming business ideas, names, content ideas, website design or you just need a boost in engagement around your business, I’m here to help you make it happen. Discover more on my services page

Here are just some of the things I can do for you

  • Build you a website on WordPress that you can actually manage without pulling out your hair
  • Identify new opportunities to engage new and existing customers
  • Get you in front of your core audience through live broadcasting
  • Review and evaluate existing marketing materials
  • Review and evaluate social media and advertising materials
  • Provide a fresh perspective which starts the conversation you didn’t know you needed to have
  • Improve online engagement through social media
  • Project management and getting you organized
  • Setting up systems and processes to make your life easier, allowing you to do more while spending less money
  • Overseeing all things tech (video, social media, digital products and Apple support)

Growing up

Since I was a kid

Ever since I was a kid, I was a talker – sharing all my crazy business ideas with whoever would listen to me, ha! At the age of 5, I started working with my dad who was a handyman but I knew right away that was not a career option for me – carrying buckets full of broken tile didn’t bring me joy.

My mom to this day says, “All you want to do is talk, talk, talk. Since you were little you were always talking non-stop about all these big ideas you have – you never stop.”

People always joke that I was born an entrepreneur because I live an breathe it every day! Growing up, my first job was selling sodas to the neighborhood kids – I saw a need and I provided a solution.

I come from a line of hard-working individuals

At 16 I started working part-time in the “traditional office” setting filing purchase orders, that didn’t last long – I was bored out of my mind. It was a paycheck though and I was happy to have a job.

I saw how hard everyone in my family worked just to put food on the table. So when it came to work I didn’t mess around. I worked whatever jobs I had to in order to build the life that I wanted – one that I enjoy and that provides me with flexibility.


From then on

I worked as for and alongside small businesses – helping out in the office, creating products, marketing, tech support, you name it, I pretty much did it.

While finishing up in college I decided to start my first official business and created MIX IT UP Magazine. That business was the best starting point one could ask for. It taught me everything I needed to know and it brought me closer to my calling. Now, I run my consulting business Ed Troxell Creative and I am the founder of Stupid Easy® – an online course learning platform.


Bachelor’s degree in Communications, certificate in Sales & Marketing, and over 10+ years working with small business owners.

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