Acuity Scheduling is a great online service you can set up and use for scheduling time with your clients. No matter what service you provide, if it involves you having to schedule time to meet with a client, you can use Acuity Scheduling. It’s easy to use and only cost about $10 a month. It’s what I use for all my bookings. Sign up for Acuity Scheduling here (that’s my affiliate link). Plus they just added a bunch of new features!

Inside Look

Clients can book online and pay using a credit card or with their PayPal account. When adding the option to use PayPal be sure to click “PayPal Pro.” This link will take you to PayPal directly to finish applying. Once you have been approved, took maybe 10 minutes before I got the email, you will be able to accept payments via PayPal. It should be noted this is a $30 a month charge however since you are using Acuity you get that fee waived.

How you might ask? Well, you start by calling PayPal (844-899-6405 and choose option #2) and letting them know you are a member of Acuity. They will make note of it and you will receive an email letting you know the fee has been waived. For all the details and in case you get someone at PayPal who is not familiar with this policy click here to be taken to the direct link from Acuity.



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