Airdrop is a way to be able to wirelessly send something from one Apple device to another Apple device.

How Airdrop works:

When wi-fi and Bluetooth are both turned on (slide up from the bottom of your iPhone or iPad to reveal what’s called “Control Panel” to easily turn these on). Bluetooth is in the middle (third one in) while Wi-fi looks like a slice of pie (second from the left, forth from the right). You will also need to have “Airdrop” turned on. Simply tap on “Airdrop” and select “contacts only” or “Everyone.”

When to use this? When you are near another Apple device and want to share a movie or photo wirelessly.

How to send a file using Airdrop:

When you hit the little share button (when viewing an image or video it’s the arrow coming out of the box in the lower left corner) it will show Airdrop with a bunch of other share options below it. Find the correct device (circles indicating each device in the area should pop up) Tap on the device you want to share with and then it will show up on that device (sometimes it asks, on the other device, if you want to accept the file. You will have to accept in order for it to go through). Now, depending on what device you shared it with it will automatically put the file in your “Download” folder on your Mac computer or in the “Photos” app on your iPhone or iPad.

Congratulations! You have shared a photo or video with another device.

Recap of what you’ve learned:

  • What Airdrop is & how to use it
  • Control Panel & how to access it
  • Where Bluetooth & Wi-fi are
  • How to share an image or video from your iPhone or iPad
  • Where those files you just shared end up once you send them


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