Early morning wake up call this Sunday morning! After what has been a long weekend I decided to start the morning off by catching up on my podcasts. Lucky for me, and you, “The Top” by Nathan Latka was the first my list. For those who are not familiar with Nathan’s work I highly recommend checking out his podcast “The Top” as he focuses on interviewing the top entrepreneurs from around the world on what they sell, how they sell it, and how much they made last month.

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In this podcast episode from “The Top” Nathan interviews award winning web designer, speaker, and author Alex Harris on “Staying small and winning big with 6 clients who pay $5k/ month.” Imagine you, an entrepreneur, working hard, making a living doing what you love and only having 6 clients. Now you may be thinking, that’s not my situation right now. How do I stay small and only have 6 clients? Well, you start by listening to Nathan’s podcast interview below with Alex Harris.



Key Take Aways:

  • Focus on results
  • Do great work and get recommended
  • Focus on converting existing traffic first rather than on generating more traffic
  • Testing is key
  • Typically, 80% of your visitors are probably only going to 20% of your pages



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