The Emmys came and went Sunday night. The major highlight?

One of the best tech ads we’ve seen, the Apple Music commercial. The commercial stars Kerry Washington, Mary J. Blige, and Taraji P. Henson spotlighting the “For You” section, a curated playlist in Apple Music. These ladies are blowing up the internet while taking us back in time to when mixtapes were the key to someone’s heart. Cassettes and CD’s came and went like the Emmys. Apple Music, playlists, and music in general are here to stay.

Apple Music’s new commercial, directed by Selma director Ava Duvernay, features three of our favorite super stars (Kerry, Mary, and Taraji) and focuses on the magic of a curated playlist. The commercial is really about the music and how it makes you feel. Music will always make you feel better and it brings everyone together. It is rumored that this was the first of three commercials, the other two airing later this week. The latest ad for Apple Music can be seen below:

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Suggestions for taking this Apple Music commercial one step further:

After watching the new Apple Music commercial I immediately went to Apple Music on my iPhone to search for anything related to this ad. I clicked on @Connect for the first time to see if maybe there was a curated playlist that tied into this ad. I mean, come on, these songs are classics! Unfortunately, at time of writing this, there was no specific playlists as it focused on the For You section. The ad did what it was supposed to do, right? It caught my attention. It made me feel good, I navigated over to the Music app on my iPhone, and it got me to check out @Connect for the first time.

What Apple Music could have done to make this commercial flawless (outside of the ad itself. I mean come on, Kerry Washington, Mary J. Blige, and Taraji P. Henson please, flawless):

Apple Music could have created a curated playlist from these ladies. Who doesn’t want a mixtape (playlist) with the top 5-10 songs exclusively picked from Kerry, Mary, and Taraji. Imagine, watching the ad, getting in the mood, and heading over to Apple Music to add their favorites to your music creating the ultimate mixtape (playlist).

Apple Music is on point though with this commercial. They did an amazing job! Rarely do advertisements move us enough to transition from one thing to another. This ad did! I love that they are trying something new. Go ahead Apple Music, brush off your shoulders, you nailed it! For everyone else, head over to Apple Music now to check out the For You section. With a 3-month free trial period and $9.99 monthly subscription cost to sign up how can you go wrong?

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