These apps make working on the go easy

If you’re reading this and wondering what an “app” is, app is short for application which is simply a program designed for a mobile device. Hey, there are lots of people out there that are still trying to catch up with technology. I just want to keep everyone up to date.

Like many of you, I use my iPhone for everything. My iPhone is my right-hand man, my wingman if you will, and since I’m always on the go – meeting clients locally & flying across the country – I need to have apps that work for me. Here are a few apps that I use and highly recommend to get work done while on the go.


Dropbox– A great place to store documents and photos so that you can quickly access and share them from anywhere! (When connected to the internet)

Neu.Annotate– Best app for working on PDF’s while on the go.

Numbers– Spreadsheets on the go! Enough said!

1Password– If you learn nothing else from me, this is the one that will save your life…no joke! 1Password keeps track of all your passwords, notes, and more! Yes, it’s amazing! Yes, it’s safe! And yes, it is now free for your iPhone. Passwords will kill us all but 1Password will save you a lot of stress and confusion. No I do not work for 1Password, I just really love this app!!!

HootSuite– Great for managing not only your own social networking sites but others as well. I personally use Buffer which is another great option.

SnapSeed– Best photo editing app…EVER! I use this for almost all my photo editing needs. It takes a few minutes to get used to it because as the options don’t show until you start moving your finger on the screen but it’s easy to pick up.

Evernote– You know, that green square with the elephant in the middle! Evernote is great for anything and everything! First, create what they call a notebook. Think of an old school Notebook, you know the one with the wire binding, this will be your main topic. Then, within each notebook, you can create a note. Make sure it’s relevant to the notebook topic, please! I’m trying to help you stay organized here and I can only do so much. You can create notebooks for everything from tax receipts to work documents. Who would have thought taking notes would be so fun?

EasyCost– Great way of managing your expenses and it syncs with iCloud. Create different lists and categories. Simply type in the amount, add a description if you want, and you’re done! Yes, there are many apps out there, but this one I have found to be simple, clean and easy to export.

Google Apps for business – Lifesaver and really takes care of everything for you from documents to presentations to storing and email. Everything in one place – making life easier.

Amazon– Being on the go doesn’t always mean you have time to stop at the store and pick up things for the house. The Amazon app is a life saver!!! You can search via text, voice or by scanning a barcode. Check out the reviews on anything and click buy all in a matter of minutes, saving yourself a trip across town.

Groupon– Whether at home or traveling, Groupon is great for finding local deals for eating out or discovering something new at an affordable price.


Be sure to share any apps you use in the comments.

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