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How to be a great podcast guest

How to be a great podcast guest

If you are a podcaster or are looking into starting a podcast or even just wanting to be a guest on a podcast you need to listen to this episode from Kim Doyal. Kim features me as well as many other online experts, content creators, who share their tips and advice...

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The truth about entrepreneurship

The truth about entrepreneurship

Truth is, Entrepreneurship sucks sometimes. There are days when you just feel defeated and wondering what the hell you should do. You ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong? Why are people willing to pay X for something that costs $$$$$ yet penny pinch when...

How small businesses can make sure they get paid on time

Updated 2/8/2017. This was first published in the Huffington Post Whether making or receiving a payment you need to be ready… So, let’s talk about the one aspect of payments every entrepreneur (this includes you & your side hustle) deals with: billing. When you...

3 simple steps to creating a business name

3 steps to creating a business nameYou want to create a memorable name that elicits a certain feeling when heard. You want to think about how people will feel when they hear your business name. Action:Create a Word doc or an Evernote and start listing out all the...

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