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How to grow your business online radio interview on FitCulture

Part 1 Listen to this radio interview on Fit Culture with Elli Tourje where Elli interviews Ed Troxell and learn how to grow your business online through the use of technology. Bonus, get a better understanding of how Facebook works.  Discover more...

What’s in my tech bag!

Here's what's in my tech bag!Below are tools that I use, love and recommend – these are affiliate links which means I can earn money but I only recommend based off what I love – not how much I could make. Read more about my disclaimer here....

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Freelancers: Here’s why you can charge more

What started out as a Facebook group post (which I almost deleted twice) is now a blog post. I received so many positive responses to the post that I just had to share it here on the blog. I have to tell you about one of my pet peeves! If you can relate, please...

Stupid Easy Webinars

Brainstorming Come up with a topic that is relevant to your target market. You should be able to easily speak on this topic for about 30 minutes Getting Organized Take a look at the calendar and pick a day and time that works best for you and your audience. Give...

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