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3 places your podcast should show up

In this episode, we cover the 3 places your podcast should be. I also included tips for making it easier for your listeners to tune in, rate and review your podcast. Resources we talked about in this episode:  - Anchor Radio  - Simple Podcast Press Player -...

How local bookstores can compete with Amazon Books

In this episode we talk about how local bookstore owners can start pulling ideas from Amazon's new retail bookstores to engage their online and offline customers. Be sure to share this one with your local bookstore owner as they might not be online as much – this...

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Freelancers: Here’s why you can charge more

What started out as a Facebook group post (which I almost deleted twice) is now a blog post. I received so many positive responses to the post that I just had to share it here on the blog. I have to tell you about one of my pet peeves! If you can relate, please...

Stupid Easy Webinars

Brainstorming Come up with a topic that is relevant to your target market. You should be able to easily speak on this topic for about 30 minutes Getting Organized Take a look at the calendar and pick a day and time that works best for you and your audience. Give...

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