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Here is the best webinar software to use in your small business

Dropping this gem here for all of you in the webinar world.  Webinar platforms! Most of us are searching for the right one. Some might have one, but are not in love with it. While it is still the early stages, it was love at first sight for Expertise and me!   The...

What is a sell sheet and why do you need it?

A few months ago, I was researching ways to protect my ideas  – I wanted to propose a couple of big ones to companies like Apple and Google. I came across this great podcast episode from Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income show called "How to get paid for your ideas." In...

Put your freelancing on autopilot: Contracts made Stupid Easy®

As you start to think about starting or running a small business you also need to start thinking about the legal forms you will need to fill out. When doing business we all have to deal with contracts. While contracts can be a pain and most of us would like to avoid...

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