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6 Do’s & Don’ts of Cold Calling

6 Do’s & Don’ts of Cold Calling

When you think of cold calling, you may think of a boring phone call with someone who is just trying to sell you on something right? We get it, cold calling or cold outreach often gets a bad wrap so here are 6 do's and don'ts of cold calling and cold outreach in...

7 ways to use video to enhance your website

7 ways to use video to enhance your website

Video can work just about anywhere on your website. It really comes down to the types of videos you want to make and the experience you’re trying to deliver online. Here are some common types of videos to consider creating for your website...(tune in!) About the...

Why you need to show up on video

@edtroxellBecause you needed this reminder today…♬ original sound - Video Coach 🎥 Are you a service-based business professional who thinks they don’t have time to record video content? If so, be sure to check out my Video Accelerator program where you will learn, in...

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