Do you have trouble asking the right questions to get the underlying motives and problems that your clients need to be solved? Do you find it challenging to write good copy that converts?

If so, stick around because we are going to dig deep into copy and writing a clear message that drives customer action with special guest, former dental hygienist, turned freelance #copywriter, and #SEO content nerd, Elle Ross.

Be sure to connect with our guest Elle at http://clearcopyworks.com/

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Today’s episode is sponsored by my program, Real Estate Agents Go Live – Did you know that over 70% of homeowners are more likely to list with realtors that use video yet recent sellers reported that only 10% of their agents effectively used video to market their property.

Real Estate Agents Go Live helps agents get more listings and stand out as the go-to agents within the communities that they serve using live streaming video. We go over everything from mindset, content strategy, episode planning, tech, going live, and yes, even repurposing your live videos over onto YouTube. You can learn more at RealEstateAgentsGoLive.com. #RealEstateAgents

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