Today’s scope topic, “A simple and extremely effective framework for setting your goals using the BSQ framework (Think BIG, act SMALL, move QUICK).” The method is broken down into:

Think BIG





Action items:

  1. Think BIG
  2. Identify the milestones that you can achieve in order to get to the ultimate goal
  3. Set a date
  4. Post it in a place you can regularly look at it

Personally, setting a date can be the scariest part because when you put a date on something it means you actually have to do it.

As a side note, you should be writing everything down. Save your ideas & goals in a notebook like Evernote so that it’s with you all the time. Things may not happen today or tomorrow, but don’t you want to be ready for when they do?

Share your goal setting tips & tricks in the comments below!

Resource: BSQ Goal Setting Framework from Ed Troxell Creative


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