In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why video is the key to the trust factor
  • How to overcome the idea that you need to be “picture perfect”
  • That you already have all the tech you need to produce top-notch video in the palm of your hand
  • How to use video to attract the RIGHT audience

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Transciption for Building Your Empire with SophieZo podcast Special Guest Ed Troxell

Hello, it’s time to build your empire. Sophie Zollmann owner and founder of Sophie Zo. Virtually there for you is ensuring the secrets to building a better business and taking back your time. Let’s get started. Hey, everybody. Welcome back to building your empire with Sophie though. I’m so excited for yet another amazing, fun, great guest to, to help you scale to the next level and beyond.

And so without further ado, let me introduce ed Procel. He is a video coach and online marketing consultant. He helps real estate agents and entrepreneurs get organized and guides them towards success with using video. In their online marketing efforts, ed breaks down all the tech and makes it really easy for you to do business online.

As a former apple Inc employee ed brings a unique skill set to the table from sales, marketing, strategizing systems and processes to teaching the importance of video and really simplifying today’s technology. So that you can stand out as the industry expert online, and you’re speaking my language, you are singing to my heart, cuz all of those things are things I love to talk about.

So let’s get your perspective. What is your best advice for business owners who wanna scale to the next level and beyond? Yes. The best advice is getting in front of the camera. That’s gonna be. Exactly what you need to take it to the next level, whether you’re already comfortable in front of the camera or you are thinking about it, but you just haven’t done it yet.

And being able to record videos that you actually put out there into the world, because wherever you’re at in your business, it’s because of you and what you brought to the table, what you continue to bring to the table. People want to see you. They wanna hear you because that’s what builds that no, like trust factor, especially here online.

So being able to step in front of that camera, no matter where you’re at in your business is gonna help you get to that next level. I love that. And that again, you’re speaking music to my ears video, putting yourself out there. And being you because getting on video with a script and a suit and tie or a business dress, it’s like, that’s not what people wanna see anymore.

Right. They wanna see the real, you, the human being that you are right. Yes, it’s so true. And, you know, I was just listening to a podcast episode from Barbara Corcoran, from shark tank and she was giving, uh, a caller advice on her business. And she had mentioned in there not to worry. So the caller I should say, was worried about, you know, somebody coming in and.

Basically stealing her idea because they have more resources. And Barbara had mentioned to her that she could take that right off her plate right now and not worry about it because the one thing that they don’t have. Is her, and it was her passion, the business owner’s passion that is driving the business and why it’s so successful.

And now having her get in front of the camera more, even Barbara was telling her to get in front of the camera more and be able to share her passion and her drive. That’s what sells and that’s, what’s gonna attract the right audience. So it’s so, so important for us to get comfortable with oftentimes the uncomfortable feeling.

Of being on camera and putting ourselves out there and not having it look a certain way or feel a certain, uh, aesthetic, you know, when we think about Instagram and having everything picture perfect. We don’t want that. Like you said, we wanna see the real, you, and we wanna be able to recognize you on video as well as in person and not have a disconnect where it’s like.

You that I didn’t recognize you cuz you look so different in person versus being on camera. Right? Right. No, I love that. Cuz and I, I talk to my, to the audience and to my clients and to my people about that all the time, because so many people get hung up on the idea of, well, what if I go? Um, uh, what if I, you know, for a minute.

It’s like, so what, yeah. That’s you being, you that’s natural that’s life. And I love that you are you’re you’re talking about getting comfortable with being yourself, not getting comfortable with being a facade, putting on a mask and being someone you’re not because you think, or you’ve been told. You have to look a certain way on camera.

You have to dress a certain way on camera. You have to put on your professional hat and be all businessy. Um, but you don’t, you have to be genuine and authentic and real. And I love that you are bringing that to the table and reinforcing that for, for my listeners, because I know so many of them are so afraid to get on that camera.

Of how they look or, um, you know, or, you know, even their background. I mean, I do a Harry Potter office. I don’t do a green screen. I don’t do a fake zoom background. I am me, if you don’t like Harry Potter and you don’t like that, I’m a Harry Potter fanatic. You’re not my people and that’s okay. Exactly. Yes.

And that’s, that’s what we also have to remember as business owners is that we’re always trying to attract the right audience. We’re not trying to attract everyone to us because not everyone is our client. And so the more that we can show up as ourselves and, and put out there who we really are, the more we’re gonna be able to attract the right clients.

Wanna work with us and that we wanna work with as well and will respect our boundaries and be able to continue to refer business to us. I love it. Yes, definitely. So part of what you do is you make the technology easy. yeah, that is another big block to people getting on in front of a camera because they think they gotta have the latest and greatest equipment and all this stuff.

So can you kind of break it down a little bit? How do you make the technology easy? Because I know my people will wanna know how to make it easy. Yeah. So you brought up a great point. We are always thinking about what video production. Has been in the past, you have all this fancy equipment, the lights, the cameras, the expense that’s involved with having a full day, having the glam squad and all this.

And we have to break that down because now we’re in a world where. We have everything we need right. In the Palm of our hands. Most of the people listening to this are probably using the device, which is our phones to be able to use that phone now to create their video content and. almost every phone out on the market, probably within the last three.

I’ll push it to five because some, some of those cameras are still good, but you know, within the last three years or so, I guarantee you, those qual, that quality of that camera on your phone is enough slash more than enough for you to be able to create your video content and put it out there. So really it’s breaking down the mindset barriers that we have.

And then getting into that technology piece with starting where you are, don’t go out there and buy a Yeti for two, $300 in terms of the microphone. Um, you can, if you want, but that’s not going to solve the issue of you stepping in front of the camera and recording your videos. That’s just an idea that might help, but chances are, it’s not, if you haven’t done it already.

So start where you are, grab your phone and if you need a mic. Your headphones, whether they’re wired or wireless, they have a microphone on them. And that is all you need to get started. Like let’s keep it super, super simple and effective. I love that. And I can, I can so relate to that because when I started this podcast going on two years ago, now who two years, I started out with my MacBook pro and, and, uh, a little.

A little mic that you pin onto your shirt. Yeah, because I happened to get it as a freebie with something I ordered on Amazon. And I used QuickTime on the computer and my little attackable mic and, and I just went for it. And, and it’s funny because that mic was not noise canceling in any way, shape or form.

So if there was noise going on outside of my office, I had to go into master bedroom closet. I love it. Shut the door, sit on the floor. With my MacBook and my mic and record my podcast because if I didn’t, I had all this horrific background noise. Yeah. And which would’ve meant the expense of trying to fix that audio with my produ, the person who, who actually processes my recordings.

And I’m like, Oh, my goodness. So when the time came to get a better mic, I actually stole my husband’s mic that he uses on his iPad to record his piano lessons and his piano practices. And I stuck it on my iPad then. And so then I had to have my iPad, like right here in my face and I’m going, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, into my mic.

Yeah. But the whole point is I started with what I had. it wasn’t the best quality stuff I may do. I found ways to make it work and you can too. It’s just, the whole thing is getting started and making that step to do it with where you are with what you have. I love it, ed. That is so, so amazing. So tell us, ed, how can people find you and get your help in stepping in front of that camera and getting started with video.

Yeah, definitely. So, uh, if you head over to my website, ed trel.com, just my first and last name, you’ll be able to chat with me anytime. There’s a little chat in the lower right hand corner. So always feel free to reach out. Uh, and I have resources over there. So I have a free guide that can help you get started.

And then I also have my video coaching program where I can work with you one on one to step in front of the camera and know exactly what you’re gonna say and do. To make your videos come true and come to life. Awesome. I love it. Ed, thank you so much for being on the show today. I know my listeners are gonna love hearing this and to my listeners.

If you haven’t already subscribed, please subscribe and tell everybody about us, cuz I know we need to get out there and spread the word video is truly the way to go and it, it, it can be easy. It really can. And ed and I can show you. Yes. Thanks for joining me for another episode of building your empire for more tips on business building and living your best life.

Check out our website@sophiezoo.com or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Have a great day.

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