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Taken from our Instagram series “Why We Love It.” The quote featured above came from a local, Santa Rosa, personal stylist Malia Anderson – owner of Style by Malia – who was featured today on The Press Democrat. After reading the first sentence which was this quote, you can see why it is being featured in our #ETCWhyWeLoveIt series.

While you may think of skipping this article as it is fashion related, let me point out that it’s not just about the style here. It’s about the messages Malia gives and how you can take these messages and apply it to your business. Take the first question “What is the most important quality of a good stylist?” for instance. The first word in the answer is “listening.” Malia goes on to say, “Listening to what my clients are saying…” This is just the start!

Continue reading the article and you will see she talks about what job prepared her, who was her most significant mentor down to what advice she would give other women seeking a career in business. I really encourage you read this article “Learn to love your curves with Santa Rosa personal stylist” and share your thoughts in the comments.

  • What was your take aways?
  • How did it make you feel?
  • Did anything stand out to you?

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