“Ed, I know you do a lot…but what exactly is it that you do?

Everyone always asks me this so I wanted to take a minute to break it all down for you – making it Stupid Easy®!

I built EdTroxellCreative.com to be a resource, a one-stop shop if you will, for housing all the information you need to know as it relates to business & technology. I chose these two main topics as they relate directly to one another.

EdTroxellCreative.com packs a huge punch when it comes to delivering you with helpful information for both your personal and professional life. You see, I attract a diverse group of people – young & seasoned, personal & professional – you name it, I appeal to a large demographic. I love helping people figure out what questions to ask and showing them where they can find the answers.

Here’s what I can offer at Ed Troxell Creative

(For updated information please visit CheckwithEd.com)

  • Mentoring
    • This is my one on one consulting where I help anyone thinking about starting or is already running a business move past the barriers (fear of the unknown, not knowing where to start, questioning how to embrace technology, etc.) and on to the next steps. When given the right tools and resources anything is possible! I help you overcome those barriers by providing you with the right tools and resources to get the job done
  • Website planning
    • Struggling with when, how and where to build a website can be so stressful. It can also be very expensive if you don’t take the time to do your research. It’s also not just about building the website, it’s how do you want people to experience it? What will make your website stand out? What do you want visitors to your site to do? Where do you want them to go? These are just some of the questions you need to answer in order to build a strong online presence. A website is your digital home and now more than ever it’s a requirement for anybody doing business. Let me help you navigate this wild, wild west territory and together we can not only build a plan for your website but also carefully craft the customer journey
    • I also provide website evaluations for those who already have a website. I provide valuable feedback that will enhance the customer journey and will keep visitors coming back to your website
  • Public speaking
    • I love speaking on business, the entrepreneurs journey and how to get up to speed with technology.

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Online Courses

Resources & Affiliate links

I research all day long and have come across some amazing products and services. Some of the ones I use and recommend the most offer an affiliate link which is what you will find below. A note about affiliate links: They are a great way to make some extra cash, but you should only use them if you actually use and support the product/service. Learn more about Affiliate Marketing.

  • Siteground (for website hosting if you are using a site like WordPress.org)
  • Name.com (thinking about purchasing a domain name click here for $5 (for new accounts) towards your purchase of $10 or more)
  • Acuity scheduling (online booking services)
  • Divi WordPress theme (WordPress theme which is what I use for my site)
  • Google Apps (the only way to get work done whether for work or personal)
  • Recommendations (a page of my personal recommendations)

Working with my first web designer was a great experience. Thank you Ed Troxell who simplified and updated So, I’m Legally Blind for me, fixed my MailChimp email and other behind-the-scenes issues that were plaguing my blog! Also, I love my new logo! I tried other variations, and provided info for Ed and he nailed it!

Connie J.

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