Let’s talk about inbox insanity with special guest Jordan Gill!

How you can automate and organize your inbox to essentially manage itself – real talk!

In this episode we talked about: 

  • Cleaning up your inbox with filters and aliases
  • Facebook pages, groups and engagement
  • Training your clients and potential clients
  • Bonus, I gave you tips on how to save time using your iPhone and text replacement
You got way more than just inbox information.


We talked about email inbox and how you can make your inbox a better place by filtering and having those different labels. We talked about even having different e-mail addresses – aliases which are those separate e-mail addresses that you can get inside of Google’s G-suite. We also talked about Facebook promo days and just Facebook in general – it’s all about that engagement. We also talked about how you can start having a shortcut on your phone – if you have an iPhone – for typing things faster. These text replacements will allow you to literally copy and paste your hashtags or the words that you type a lot or your website in just a few simple keystrokes.


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