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Coaches, learn how to embrace live streaming video and land more clients with our proven live video framework. Start showing up more consistently online today!


Take Advantage of Video Marketing & Use Live Streaming Video to Book More Calls

One of the best ways to generate leads and build relationships online is through video marketing. With the integration of live streaming video (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn), you can reach more people, talk directly to your customers, inspire them and show them why you are the best choice for their business needs.

Going live and what it looks like before working with a business coach who specializes in live video
Going live and what it looks like after working with a business coach who specializes in live video

Imagine for a moment what could happen if you showed up, on-camera, live, knew EXACTLY what to do and say, and hosted a regular Q & A session, interviewed someone you know, or showcased what you have to offerwhat would that do for you and your business?

Build your brand, Increase engagement & Monetize with Live Video

How to go live on Facebook using Facebook Live streaming video

Get seen more online

Facebook Live is the best (and easiest) tool to use & its on the largest social media network, Facebook (love it or hate it, it’s still good for business and will make you money). Learn how to create and share video content that gets you in front of your ideal audience, and builds up your authority online.

Generate more leads

Get more leads and book more clients with Facebook Live streaming video using our proven 5-step framework. Inside Coaches Go Live will teach you how to go live like a pro (without all the complicated tech), create your own Facebook Live video series (which you can share anywhere online, and we show you how) that is sure to make you stand out, and how to monetize  the videos you create to keep your business growing online.

Spend less time creating content

Your business is already growing, and you need an easy, time-saving, solution to get you seen and heard more consistently online. Coaches Go Live teaches coaches, consultants and small business owners how to use Facebook Live streaming video to speak directly to their audience as often as they’d like while simplifying their marketing efforts in the process.

It’s Time to Use Video

1. Book a call

2. Learn how to double down on video

3. get more leads

The Live Advantage Rewards

what other professionals have gained from using The Live Advantage framework

DeAnna gained 11 new clients for her coaching program and added more leads to her email list by going live with a more strategic plan.

Katie has created a new revenue stream use LIVE Facebook Videos for her online business and now repurposes over to YouTube… to GROW her audience!! Soon she will be creating her podcast!

Midori gained several new clients, got her show onto a network & hosts celebrity guests like J. J. Peterson from StoryBrand.

Vicki once terrified of being on camera, found her voice online & now shows up live to sell her crafts online.

Erin created an exclusive show for her local community for news updates, events, and highlighting other businesses in the area.

Get Seen & Grow Your Business Online

** Filming kit is limited to US Residents only

Below are a couple of video testimonials to help you get a better ideas about how The Live Advantage framework we teach you inside of Coaches Go Live can help you grow your business online.

If you aren’t using live video to market business and yourself, you’re missing an opportunity that your competitors aren’t going to miss and you will likely be left behind if you aren’t already behind in the marketplace.


🌟 Learn how to create better videos and social media content in general

🌟 Improve your local search visibility on search engine sites like Google

🌟 Make your social media posts have far more of an impact – making it easier for you to get and book more calls


🎉  9 Types of Videos You Can Create 

🎉 How to go live from a desktop computer 

🎉 How to repurpose your live video to other platforms to maximize your digital marketing efforts

🎉 How to create a podcast with your live videos

🎉 And more!

It’s time to get ahead of the curve instead of always trying to catch up

Ed Troxell, Owner of Ed Troxell Creative offering Tech Support and Business Coaching.

👋 Hi, I’m Ed! Nice to meet you!

For over 5 years I’ve been helping online professionals use live streaming video to break through the noise online, generate new leads, and open up a new revenue stream for their business. 

What I’m about to teach you inside Coaches Go Live is going to blow your mind – forget what you think you know about creating videos (it’s expensive, takes a lot of time, I don’t know what to talk about) because we are going to squash all of that – and you are going to start creating awesome videos that get attention and generate more leads on autopilot in less time!

I will be walking you through the entire process, from A to Z, showing you step by step, how to create and market your live videos and it doesn’t matter where you show up online. What I teach you can be applied to any social network and the skillset you’re about to learn will carry over into any pre-recorded video work that you do in the future as well as over to in-person public speaking events.

Oh, and here is the best part… you can learn all of this in as little as a weekend or take your time and learn it over the next 5-weeks! Pretty cool, right?

Grow your business with Live video today!

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