The Chewbacca mask viral video shows us just how much power we hold in our hands when it comes to live broadcasting.

By now you’ve all probably seen the viral video from Candace Payne of her, now famous birthday gift to herself, Chewbacca mask. The video, featured below, has racked up over 136 million views at time of writing this and over 3 million shares on Facebook alone. From the video you can see that Candace decided to go live on Facebook Live after making her purchase to share with the “innerwebs” the awesome gift she got herself.  

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That gift, the Chewbacca mask, now sold out everywhere, has proven to be the best birthday gift not only to Candace Payne, but to the world. Candace has become an internet sensation, winning America’s hearts, and in fact was just featured on Good Morning America. During her Good Morning America interview Candance talked about why she thought the video was so popular, see below.

Which is true, right? What Candace says in the GMA interview above. We all could use a really good laugh and share that moment of laughter with someone. I love how she says, “It just happened to be me that day.” Think about for a moment, what if Candace didn’t do that Facebook Live video? What if she was in your shoes and was afraid to hit that broadcast button? We all have that fear whether you are a newbie or have been live broadcasting for some time now. That fear of the unknown always comes up. The difference here is that Candace Payne didn’t let that fear stop her from going live on Facebook. She was so darn excited to share the awesome gift that brought her so much joy with anyone that decided to tune in. Candace’s decision to go live on Facebook has made such an impact in so many peoples lives. 

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At the end of the interview, featured below, Candace talks about the best part of sharing this joy with the internet. I won’t spoil it as I want you to watch this powerful moment, but what I want you to think about is the “What if it does…” factor – not the “What if it doesn’t…” factor. 

Candace Payne and her viral Chewbacca Facebook Live video really do speak to that know, like, trust factor we all strive for online. I mean, why do you think video is so hot right now and is not going anywhere anytime soon? It’s because video and live broadcasting on sites like Periscope and Facebook Live allow us to really get to know someone and truly see who they are. With live video you can’t fake it as people will see right through you. You can’t go in and make your edits. It’s live, raw, and broadcasting to the world. 

So what makes Candace Payne’s Chewbacca mask video so special?

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For starters, Candace is your average person, just like you and me, who decided to share with the world what she found and what brought her joy. Candace shows us that you don’t have to be a superstar or paint this big picture for your videos to be seen and heard around the world. You also don’t need all that fancy equipment and lighting in order to broadcast live. Here is a list of what made this video go viral:

  • Raw & genuine  
  • Nothing fancy
  • It was in the moment, no planning ahead and scripting everything out
  • Sharing a fun purchase
  • Showing that adults can be kids again even for a minute or two
  • Everything doesn’t have to be so serious
  • Didn’t let fear of no one showing up hold her back from sharing

Candace Payne and her joyful Chewbacca mask video is a great reminder for all of us to just do what we love and to share that love and joy with the world. Remember, everyone could use a good laugh and don’t worry about the numbers – those will come later. 

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I challenge you all to review this article, watch that second interview, and think about Candace every time you think about broadcasting on Periscope or Facebook Live, but fear hitting that board cast button. I want you to think about the “What if this does affect just one person’s life?” You have the power to make a difference, even if it’s one viewer at a time.

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