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Video transcription (FYI I have not gone through to edit. Hey, I might as well be honest about it right?)

On the Internet, and you probably clubhouse. It’s the latest buzzword on the internet and you probably have heard about it maybe think about it. But do you know that much about clubhouse. That’s what we’re going to talk about today. On this episode of TED Talk TV. So let’s dive in

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Welcome. Today we are going to be talking about clubhouse.

What is clubhouse is, you know, tell me in the comments, even if you’re watching the replay. If you don’t know, that’s okay, share that as well because that’s what we’re gonna be talking about today. On this episode, we’re going to try to stick to hopefully 45 minutes or less. But what we want to do is hit seven points, I have seven points for you. Around clubhouse. I’m also bringing on a special guest in just a second, who is going to help us with our clubhouse tutorial if you will, where we will actually be opening up the clubhouse app and going through some because I want to be able to show you what’s happening, so feel free to share this out tag a friend. I don’t know how long I’ll keep this live up so welcome. If you’re here live super happy that you’re here and share that in the comments down below. And I am going to go ahead and bring on our special guests and then we’ll dive into today’s content. Hello Hello Midori Welcome.


Hello, good morning I’m so happy to be here.

Yes. And for those who don’t know feel free to share who you are and what you do and then we’ll, we’ll talk about why I brought you on and kind of the clubhouse situation here

to share it. Yeah. I just had to sit here. Yeah, so I am Midori Verity, I am a mindset coach I help people break through those challenges that we have that keep us, stuck and replace those beliefs and those thoughts and those replays that we have, so we can break through and make life a lot easier make success, a lot easier. And Ed and I we go way back. We’ve been friends for years, and I, he’s my tech guy, I, whenever I have a tech problem, I call Ed, he breaks me through it and it’s awesome. But this one the clubhouse. He told me he told me about this a while ago,

and I

thought well you know i don’t know i don’t want to put another thing on my plate. And then on social media I kept seeing these people talk about clubhouse. And I didn’t know like what it what is this, I feel it had FOMO, and I hadn’t figured it out. And so anyway, I’m still figuring it out. That’s why I’m here today.

Yes. And that’s why I wanted to bring you on to the show one it’s just so much fun to catch up and be able to connect with you but also to, it’s easier to have another person on your lives so for those who are new. I am the live guy I help you with your live streaming so I help you really be able to create your first season of your live show so you can do things like this where you can have guests on and you can have, you know, a fancy setup. And so, it’s so much easier when we can have somebody else on the show as well because you can have that dialogue, and you can actually take things to that next level so that’s why I brought majority on today, because I wanted us to connect about clubhouse and to have a fresh perspective, I’m just gonna change my camera settings a little bit here.

How many of you heard what majority said and are feeling like yes this is me it’s, it’s another thing that I have to pay attention to. I don’t know if I have time for this. There’s so many things have been seen especially on Facebook about, you know, I don’t want to learn another platform. I don’t want to have another thing wasting my time, you know, is it really valuable. And here’s another one. Currently it’s only for iPhone users. So, iOS devices so if you don’t have an Apple device, well you’re kind of sitting on the sidelines, which is also frustrating. Right.

And so you’re seeing all of this going on, and you’re getting that FOMO that fear of missing out and you’re realizing that it’s another thing that you have to do and so you’re thinking, is it really worth it. And so what we were talking about earlier this morning so for those who don’t know, I am on clubhouse. Hence why we’re doing this, and on Monday mornings at 9am, I do what’s called a wine otters and coffee chat. So it’s a 30 minute chat inside of clubhouse. And that is a room. We’ll talk about what that means in a minute. That’s a room where we spend 30 minutes talking about entrepreneurship and just really having a topic of the day.

Today’s topic was clubhouse. And what we were covering in there. Specifically was time auditing. So this is something I work on with my clients, almost from the start. Every time we work on creating their Facebook Live strategy. We always start with a time audit because the first thing that comes to mind when I say you got to go live.

Well, one of the first things that probably comes to mind is, I don’t have time. So the same thing with clubhouse. I don’t have time to be on another platform. And so we have to step back, right, my job is to help you step back and see the bigger picture. and look at, you do have time. It’s just how are you being intentional with that time. And so, doing a time audit is huge and that’s what we were talking about inside of why not have some coffee this morning, and if you don’t know what why not are entrepreneurs, that’s the term that I created for us to describe us the crazy ones. And so we do that every week, and that was leading into today’s conversation here on Facebook, which is clubhouse. What is it says you are feeling that FOMO, you are feeling that time suck, you’re feeling that stress and wondering Is this really worth it, and now Midori. Before we dive further in, you’ve been on it for what less than, 24 hours maybe

I think probably about 12 hours. Hold on a second. I can tell some of these people I’m looking at the comments that are new to it to have to be invited in. So, yeah, just like sign up like you can on Facebook so

I know you got me in. Yeah,

or no someone else brought me in and then you friended me I don’t remember how it worked but yeah so I wasn’t able to really hop on until the last last night before I went to bed. I’m like, Okay, I need to look at this and a little bit of time to figure it out. So I have some knowledge before I hop on on this live today.

And what’s kind of like you’re just your over view of like what the platform is, and is it something that you see might possibly work for you or is it more of like, I just wanted to be in because of the phone. Now,

here’s the thing, the people that I saw that we’re hopping on and speaking on the platform, are all people who have a ton of respect for their business people and so I was surprised when I got onto the app and I didn’t see something that was for specifically for entrepreneurs, again I didn’t make a ton of time yet, but I thought that’s kind of what it was about. And I realized, I actually have zero idea of what it’s about. And so it wasn’t what I initially had anticipated, but I do feel that there’s something really there. Like I said, because of the people I see that are speaking, and have joined and are participating in it.

So, I want everyone to meet and even if you’re watching the replay. I want you tuning in to know that what you think it might be, whether you’re on the platform or not what you think it might be, it would still be that once you discover more about it. Or it could be something completely different, your opinions about it can change a lot of people what I’m seeing online right now is, it’s a negative thing. Well, there’s two sides of course, there’s the negative thing because they’re not in yet and it’s just another one more thing to add to the plate. And then there’s the ones that are in who are like this is the most amazing thing ever. And then there’s this third option which I’m going to throw out there which is totally burnt out because. So, we’re gonna talk about that because there’s a lot of things going on and that’s going to tie back to that time audit that I just briefly mentioned so the first thing I want to talk about today is, what is clubhouse.

Clubhouse is an audio based only social media platform. What that means is that you’re using just your voice. So instead of you seen me here on Facebook live, you would just hear my voice, and actually some of you are probably just listening to us talk right now because you’re doing the other things like a podcast, it happens. So, it’s audio base. Therefore, it’s a great way for you to ease into going live because you know I’m gonna always tell you to go live. You don’t have to do your hair and makeup, you don’t have to, you know, figure out what you’re gonna wear like it’s fine because it’s audio only. And we’ll mention though, because we’re learning here and we’re teaching is that you do want to still be quote presentable when you’re on clubhouse. It is audio only. We can’t see you in your leggings, you know, propped up on the couch, eating your popcorn. But you better believe that we can hear you. And it’s not going to be as professional.

If you were maybe standing or sitting at your desk, like your environment still matters. So once you understand that just because it’s audio only doesn’t mean that your, your environment can be whatever you want. It’s still should be. We’re talking about business wise, it should still be a professional setting as much as possible. There’s been people let me tell you there’s been people that have been in the bathtub, who get on clubhouse and start talking, and people can hear you in the bathtub it’s not

depends on what the, what, what your whole branding is maybe that’s part of it, who knows how to relax and work with the same time.

That is such a great why not. Yes, exactly. So, that is a good point. Thank you for doing so. Yes, just make sure to check in with yourself, to know what it is that your intentions are. And that goes into my time audit that I talked about that I work with my clients on. What is your intention for being on these platforms, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, clubhouse Twitter wherever you’re showing up. What’s the intent there. And how long are you going to be there, that’s an important thing.

We’re so used to just picking up our phones and logging in, and going into our social media app and getting lost in the squirrel. Therefore, it’s a waste of time. I think it’s a waste of time. And we get sucked into doing all of these things that we really didn’t have an intention of doing that day, because we got lost in squirrel. So we have to be more intentional with all of the platforms, but especially clubhouse because that’s what we’re talking about today, and clubhouse because it’s audio only. It’s super easy for us to get sucked in and to spend hours on there. It’s super easy for you to feel like hours were wasted because you didn’t get much on your to do list done. So, we intentional, that’s a big one. When it comes to clubhouse.

The next thing I want to do is I want to give you guys a tour of clubhouse so it’s an audio based only app, I’m going to give you a tour. So I’m going to pop us off screen here, and I’m going to go ahead and show you guys my screen. Now keep in mind. My phone is connected, so there’s going to be notifications that come up. Probably a lot for clubhouse. So just know that we’re live. So, when you open up the clubhouse app, again it is iPhone only. And currently, and it’s invite only. So once you’re in, you’ll see something like this, I will also mention, even if you don’t have an invite yet, you can still go reserve your username for the clubhouse app. So go ahead and do that because that puts you on the list as well. Now this is a basic overview of what happens when you open up the app. This is what we call the hallway and there’ll be various rooms, so each one of these is a room that will have a topic. The more specific your topic is in terms of the title of your room, the better. And that’s where you’ll start to get more people that show up to your to your room in the hallway, you can explore more here at the top left you have your search, you can explore people to follow.

They’ve just added interest. So this is all brand new so if you have been on clubhouse you can go and actually put things that you’re interested in. So that way clubhouse can kind of find rooms that are more of interest to you, and start to look for another word but that’s okay. And then you can also search for people. And now they actually added clubs. So think of clubs, as a Facebook group. So, we’re going to try to make those connections as much as possible so Facebook groups are going to be similar to clubhouse clubs, they’re miniature communities small communities that you’re creating.

There is a big waitlist on there so what they’re asking is that do a live show. I’m going to come back on screen for a second because I want you to hear this. They’re asking that you if you want to club, because you want to have your own little community on clubhouse. They’re asking that you do three consecutive weeks of hosting in a room, which we’re going to go into that in a second. But what that means is, is that I mentioned earlier, I did. Wine honors and coffee. At 9am we do that on Mondays. I’ve done that for three weeks consecutively on clubhouse. That means that after that three weeks, I can put my name on the list to create my club and get a higher priority than if you were to just say, I want a club, because their team is small and clubhouse, and they got too many requests so they’ve made it so that you have to do a three weeks, minimum to have your club or to get your club, your name on the list for the club.

Now, this ties into what I teach you. When we work together, creating a live show. It’s looking at your strategy for online and how you want to watch, and how you want to make things easier and using things like clubhouse and Facebook Lives to play a bigger part in that strategy and to be able to use the techniques that you’re using here so I help you create your live show. That’s stuff that you can apply even on an audio based only program inside of clubhouse. So you have to think about it as it’s not just another platform.

That is going to take time away from whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing another platform that could help enhance your online strategy and how you show up, and how you show up more confidently and consistently. So, we have to start thinking different. When we look at class terms and what we’re doing with them and how we’re using them, is no longer just, I’m going to scroll on Facebook because I’m bored and. Oh, look, there’s business opportunity Oh look, here’s a conversation I think we need to take it to that next level and we have to be more intentional with it. So that’s where these rooms will come into play. So let me go ahead and bring this back on screen for you. So, this is the main spot at the top you can see there’s some times this is a calendar so this is what’s coming up.

These are not things that I necessarily subscribe to, but these are things that are coming up on the calendar. There’s a little invite thing that will pop up when you have an invite. And then you have your calendar here which will show all of the things that people have scheduled so these are rooms that are going to be happening today from different people at different times, you have your little bell that you can pop on so you get notified. And that time you can tap in and go into that room. If you wanted to schedule, there’s a little calendar with the plus sign. You can schedule. And here’s the cool thing. You can ask co hosts, how all this ties into the show, and the show format which is what I’ve talked about for a while now and that’s what I teach on. It’s all of these social platforms are picking up the show strategy. It’s all about you having your own show. And being able to take it where you want it to go and be able to bring guests on to help you with that. And then you can put in a description remember the events name which is the title of your room is going to be huge. Then you have your notifications, as I mentioned, there’s the new interest. So that should show up on your end where you can go in and tap on interests. And then you have notifications of people who have followed you or rooms that people are, what they call pinging you in.

If I wanted you to attend a room, I would. What they call ping you, which sends you a notification saying, hey, come join this room. You have your profile. This is super super important, your bio, we’re going to talk about a bio hack here, towards the end so stay tuned, but for right now. I just want you to know that your bio super important. The first three sentences are crucial, and we’ll see why in a minute. And then there’s no links in your bio, at least not yet. But you can hook up your Twitter and your Instagram, super super important. And we’ll talk about Instagram, here in just a minute as well. But you want to make sure that you hook those up. Notice, because you’re all going to be wondering, okay how do I monetize class, there’s going to be several ways to do that we’re not going to talk all about them but I do want to just mention this one, because this is a small tips that you can do, not only on clubhouse but anywhere you have a profile. And notice that at the end, I have feeling tipsy. And drop your PayPal link so mine is paypal.me forward slash Ed Troxell creative. Don’t underestimate that I have had people who have asked me from doing free trainings like this, who have asked me for my paypal link, share it, and they’ve deposited money into my paypal account. Tips me for the knowledge that I’ve shared blown me away, and it is so cool that that’s even an option, so use things like your PayPal share in your BIOS even on YouTube, in your descriptions, super helpful and it’s just a great way

to have that available. So now, let’s go ahead and start a room, because that’s pretty much clubhouse in a nutshell, any of these rooms I could tap in, but I’m going to actually create a room with majority so I’m going to bring us both on screen. Do a little live demo here, and I’m going to click on started room and create an open room, a social room or a closed room. I can also give it a topic so let’s do topic testing that topic. We’re going to do close, and I get to choose who I want to add, so I’m going to go in here. Click on the Dory, and I’m going to hit. Actually, we have Tabitha live on the line to Tabitha I’m just going to add you in here. If you’re around, feel free. If not, no worries. I’m gonna say, let’s go. So now this is new. So now I am muting myself so there’s a little mute button at the bottom. And at the top it says heads up, sharing recordings without the speaker’s permission violates the community guidelines and will result in suspension, thanks. It knows that I am. I’m doing this live to show you, which is why I wanted to do it through here of private room, versus public. And so I’m going to go ahead and mute. Let’s see. Oh, I can’t meet you majority, go ahead and click the little microphone in the lower right. There you go. Okay. So, this is what a room looks like up on top here. This is what we would call the stage. So if you go into any of these other rooms, there’s going to be kind of a little line here, oops, a little line. That would be below us, that would then have what’s called the audience. So whenever you enter into a room, your profile shows up just like you’re seeing us here, and you’re automatically in the audience, which means you’re not going to see there’s Tabitha, so she just popped in, she follows the speakers, and she’s in the bottom. What’s funny is it’s not showing up on my device yet but let me refresh. If you pull down and hit refresh it will also let you refresh your screen, for whatever reason, it’s not updating on the live yet,

so that’s okay. I’ll just show you here. I’ll bring it up. Alright, so let me get here. So, it’s not showing you on the live, but we’ll try to get my camera to focus in

on the screen. Okay, it doesn’t want fancy cameras, you know. So, anyway, we have this, and we have it showing here, and tabs those down below on my device. And that’s the audience so the audience means that you’re just watching, and you’re just hanging out. And it’s not allowing you to speak. However, if you wanted to speak, there’s a little hand in the lower right hand corner area where you can actually raise your hand. And that means that then the moderator So anybody who has a little green circle with the white star in there will actually be able to bring you up on stage, if they wanted to. That’s the goal. in my opinion, for making this worth your time is to be able to not only go into a room and learn. Because that’s always great, but also to use your time to jump up on stage and provide some value. Let your voice be heard. That takes it a whole nother level. And that’s when it becomes really valuable. In this case clubhouse becomes really valuable.

So, I want to add something in there because I think that’s an important point. When, when, blab started I don’t know if any of you remember blab but I know Ed does. And it was kind of like a new club clubhouse.

It was a new thing

as a new social media and I remember jumping on just kind of check it out. And there was a show with this guy named Anthony tracks and someone else. And I was on there. And I’ve made a comment and they said we’d already hop on I feel like I need to invite you on right now.

I’m like okay,

I did and I was totally not, you know, I

didn’t have my makeup on, I

wasn’t, I was in my kitchen lighting is terrible, but I ended up rebuilding a relationship with Anthony trucks we had a show together he’s actually coming and being a speaker at one of my events that I have coming up, was we can be with people once again. But that’s what’s cool about these new places these new social media apps is that it’s an opportunity to connect with new people and to create relationships I’ve done this a few times and what was the other one ad that started with a p


periscope was another one. That is good to get in early, and make yourself seen so now’s an opportunity. Are you loving Anthony trucks he’s a great guy. But now’s a great opportunity for you to get involved and be seen before it gets too oversaturated. So, that was, that was my two cents.

Yes, exactly. And that’s what you want to do and that’s why we actually had this conversation this morning Tabitha brought this up inside of Congress. Wine honors and coffee is that what’s like, you know, the intent here we were talking about the intent and the time management and is it really worth it you know on this platform and again it comes down to what are your goals. What are you trying to accomplish and why now beyond clubhouse because it could be, you know, it could just be like Facebook later or it could just be a dud and fizzle out. And the question is really why now, it’s one Not now, because if you can, you want to get in early on anything because you get to stand out more people get to see you more, they get to hear you, and you get to connect with people that you probably otherwise would never have connected with, so just know that if you’re able to it’s definitely worth checking out. But, set a time limit.

Make sure that you are intentional with your time because you will get the clubhouse burnouts. It is there, trust me, it’s exciting because it’s new, there’s all these great conversations you have this fear of missing out. You want to be in this room in that room it’s like going to a conference, you want to run from one to the next. But the problem is not learning everything because you’re not letting it sit and you’re not going to even apply it. And at the end of the day, you’re going to be burnt out. You’re going to keep going and keep going. And some of these rooms, minimum, average, I would say minimum is two hours that these rooms are going for, and some will go on and on and on and on. And again, if that’s their thing that’s their thing but don’t make that your thing. Unless it’s intentional. Really just pay attention to the time commitment, because it is easy to get sucked in. Just like any social platform. And it is easy for you to miss out on it. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to take a screenshot of my phone, and I’ll show you again that that image because clubhouse now has it so that if you are recording it automatically knows, see they’re super smart so that’s why I couldn’t show you the screen, live while in the room. But while we’re talking about it, so majority I were in the room. And I’m going to go ahead and have majori, turn off your mic inside of the room. It’s all perfect, and then go ahead, start

testing out on my site so that against what do you want me to start doing,

and just start talking and then it shows what does it show on your screen around your face is there a gray circle now okay wait so you want me to end, you see. Yes. And so now there’s a little echo so that’s okay everyone. Because we’re sharing audio on both platforms, but the microphone is huge and I’m just pulling up my screenshot so that I can show you guys hear what’s going on, but that’s how you can mute and unmute yourself is by tapping on the microphone, and everyone will have a microphone. Once you are up on stage, that’s the important part, you might on the audience, you have to be called up on stage. When you are added to the stage, make sure that you are muting yourself because automatically you’re unmuted. So again, your letters, you want to make sure that you’re in a place where a whole lot of craziness been in the background because they bring you up on stage. You’re going to be unmuted. You’re going to be audio there so you need to quickly tap on that mute button. And so, when you’re asleep, you can mute yourself, and you wait until you’re called on now all the roads will be a little different. So, read the room first. So that way you can see what’s going on. So I might devices that want to talk today. So read the room before you jump up on stage, so example don’t go into a room that let’s say 10 tips for social media strategy. Don’t just go into the room because it’s so exciting. And then, oh, I want to jump on stage because, you know, Dory is there and I want her to see me. No, wait a second, and read the room, like listen to what the conversation is about, and see how you can provide some value. Before popping up on stage and then when you do get on stage, and you do have your time to shine and share your voice is going to be so much more powerful, you’re going to make a greater impact. and you’re going to instantly get more people that will follow you. So, again, there’s a strategy to this and you want to make sure that you are playing paying attention to what the platform’s prefer because all of these platforms prefer something different. So, I’m going to bring up on the screen here I will move us, here’s a screenshot of what it looks like the room that we were just in. And so, here’s your microphone. So when you get called up on stage, you tap on this so you automatically see this on your profile. This is a little microphone with a slash through it. Now, if you see these flickering, meaning they start flashing. That is our way on clubhouse to clap for you. If you say something and you start seeing people in onstage, start flashing their microphones. It’s them clapping for you. So that’s, that’s something to be note to note there. It’s something that we just as users that’s what we created and adopted and that’s what’s there. Now you’ll notice that majority has a party hat, and I don’t majority likes the party but that’s not why she got the party hat. Majority got the party hat, because she is still new to clubhouse. And that’s how we identify you as a newbie. Now, as you saw this is a closed room, but all of these icons will be the same. So leave quietly just means that you leave the room. Just exiting, it doesn’t actually do anything, it just removes you from the room. This is how you can. I’m the moderator so it looks a little different but this is where I’ll see all of you wanting to put your hands up. And then I can ping people here as well. Again, the profile is huge. We mentioned that before the profile is huge because I’m going to go ahead and remove this room, majority I’m going to close out the room. Okay. And I’m going to plug back in so that I can get us here so give me a second while I work on this part, but when it comes to your profile. I want you guys to pay attention your profiles. And if you don’t have anything in there yet, because you’re new or because you just didn’t know. That’s okay, browse your current profiles. Browse other people’s profiles within clubhouse and see what the format looks like what you might like. And not like, because there’s going to be a lot more room than your normal Instagram bio, and there’s going to be a lot of different things in there so let me go ahead and share my screen again.

Okay, so back on the live clubhouse here. And if we go over to my profile. Look at all of that and you can get your images in there to kind of break things up. I’m not saying mine’s perfect, by all means, I, I’m sure I can make it a lot cooler and fancier and whatnot but it’s done. Remember, we want to just get things done. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just needs to be done. So make sure that you have your bio there. Make sure that the first three lines are important. Here’s why. I’m going to go, let me see if I can do it here while I’m live with you guys.

We’re going to have Dory. So, it won’t show just the first three lines cuz I’m looking at her full bio but if I go into a room, which I’m not going to do right now because I don’t want to get in trouble with the recording situation. But if I were to go into a room, only the first three lines are going to show up when you tap on someone’s profile. So, and then there’s a show more up. your online business advisor down. So, try to make those first three lines super super important. And then here is a hack. And I’m calling it an SEO hack, but if you want to be found for something, SEO is search engine optimization so a keyword or keyword phrase. So like Tabitha has conflict management. I have live video, anything that you’re trying to be sound for and that you think your ideal audience is looking for you want to put that in the first word or to your bio, because when somebody goes into this handy search field, and they start typing

in what they’re looking for. What comes up. Oh, there’s me, and then there’s a bunch of other people.

They have different things going on with their first few works. So, you your whole bio is searchable, but I have found that the first three are the first word or two is really important, because before I use the live video guy and I wasn’t coming up on the top of the search. I came up on top of the search. See, this is why you guys follow me and check in on my lives because you learn these things and get ahead of the game. And so that’s a hack that you can do for your bio. Just checking. Real quick, majority of what I’m checking my notes but while I’m doing that. Any, any aha moments or any thoughts that have changed now that you’ve seen more about it.

Yeah, I mean there’s, there’s so much you’ve covered a lot at in this time period. But the bio was huge. One thing I want to mention about the bio, your for all these people that are that are listening, is that you made a great point of saying go in and see what other people are doing what’s kind of the feel that that is okay and unexpected on a different platform because I do a lot of publications I’m in a lot of publications so that I should say, and each one is different. And so that’s one thing I’ve learned is to go in and look at what other people are putting down, because sometimes it’s irritating if you put too much stuff there or if you put in things about your education. And that’s not okay. It makes you not stand out as much or turns off people so I think that’s a really important point.

And I had no idea

that I should be adding emojis in on hair so thank you so much for pointing that out and I’ll go back and I’ll take some more time online, but

that’s good to know.

Yeah, definitely. And that’s the thing you know, take a look at what what people are doing not that they’re necessarily doing it right. But, I don’t know, Ronnie here but see hers is short and sweet and has her text line, and her website. Remember it’s not clickable. When you go into someone’s profile. They actually have to go to either your Twitter or your Instagram and I’m going to guess most of us are all about Instagram, no offense Twitter, but it’s going to be about your Instagram so what happens is, if somebody wants to contact you directly. They’re going to click on your Instagram and they’re going to go directly to your profile. And what I want to encourage you to do is make sure that your bio on your Instagram is up to date. And now we’re going to, I hope you guys are taking notes, because I’m going to come on here. madore I’m going to put you on the side for just a second, and bring me back up here. All right, so we got to talk about this Instagram bio, I know we’re talking about clubhouse, and you learn a lot about clubhouse we’ll do a quick recap here in a minute, because we’re not done, but we’re getting close on time and I want to make sure that we talked about this Instagram thing because this is big. Because if you’re going to use, even if you don’t use clubhouse, you still should have this fixed in your bio, but because you’re using clubhouse or maybe we’ll be using clubhouse. It’s super super important to do that. Okay. So, Instagram, I need you to have your bio up to date, and I need you to have that one link. One link that Instagram gives us. I need you to make sure it works. I need you to go that extra step. And I need to make sure I want you to make sure that you have a link to your direct website there let that sit for a second. Let me back up because you’re going to be like wait what instant Instagram only gives you one link. Chances are you haven’t going to some landing page, you use link tree. There’s a few other ones milkshake there’s all these different ones, you know, they get fancy landing pages for you and you have all your little dot dot dots I’m going to go to mine, just to show you. So it’s my URL it’s my website. You’re going to see that this is a landing page. And so, I have something that looks like this. You might have this as well. Just great. That’s the one thing that you’re missing, and I can’t tell you how much it drives me crazy, because it’s been happening a lot lately, missing this bottom one missing the visits, my way, the main websites and does not say that but you’re missing the link to your direct website, you’re adding in all of these awesome links to your calendar to your blog post, maybe to a third party sites like YouTube or whatnot, but not adding that direct link back to your websites. And so what’s been happening is, I’m going over to your link in your bio, seeing all these cool things. I can’t figure out how to get to your websites, most You don’t even have blog posts in there and that’s fine. But I can’t even figure out how to get to your website because you’re just pushing me to a landing page, and oftentimes doesn’t tell me enough about you. You’re missing an opportunity right there. So again if you’re trying to monetize, that’s a quick and easy one to put there Now you might think well I’m not getting an instant sale by directing you to my website. No, but you’re allowing me the user to know where you show up and to be able to explore on my own, to then connect with you. Please make sure it’s there, because people are going to your link in your bio, and they are missing out on going to your actual website because you’re sending them to all these other places that you don’t own that you don’t have any control over, and they can’t even actually get in contact with you, missing opportunities, so I just had to share that with you.

Instagram, no offense, Twitter, but it’s going to be about your Instagram. So what happens is, if somebody wants to contact you directly, they’re going to click on your Instagram. And they’re going to go directly to your profile. And what I want to encourage you to do is make sure that your bio, on your Instagram is up to date. And now now we’re going to, I hope you guys are taking notes, because I’m going to come on here madore, I’m going to put you on the side for just a second here. And bring me back up here. So we got to talk about this Instagram bio, I know we’re talking about clubhouse, and you learn a lot about clubhouse, we’ll do a quick recap here in a minute, because we’re not done. But we’re getting close on time. And I want to make sure that we talked about this Instagram thing because this is big. Because if you’re going to use, even if you don’t use a clubhouse, you still should have this fixed in your bio. But because you’re using clubhouse, or maybe we’ll be using club house, it’s super, super important to do this, okay. So on Instagram, I need you to have your bio up to date. And I need you to have that one link. One link that Instagram gives us, I need you to make sure it works. I need you to go that extra step. And I need to make sure I want you to make sure that you have a link to your direct website there. Now, let that sit for a second, let me back up because you’re going to be like, Wait, what? Instagram only gives you one link, chances are you have it going to some landing page, you use link tree. There, there’s a few other ones milkshake, there’s all these different ones, you know, they get fancy landing pages for you and you have all your little

dot dot dots, I’m going to go to mine, just to show you. So it’s my URL, it’s my website. And you’re going to see that this is a landing page. And so I have something that looks like this.

You might have this as well. Great. The one thing that you’re missing, and I can’t tell you how much it drives me crazy, because it’s been happening a lot lately. missing this bottom one, missing the visit my website, the main website, and doesn’t have to say that but you’re missing the link to your direct website. You’re adding in all of these awesome links to your calendar to your blog post, maybe to a third party sites like YouTube or whatnot, is not adding a direct link back to your website. And so what’s been happening is, I’m going over to your link in your bio, I’m seeing all these cool things. But I can’t figure out how to get to your websites. Most of you don’t even have blog posts in there. And that’s fine. But I can’t even figure out how to get to your website because you’re just pushing me to a landing page. And oftentimes doesn’t tell me enough about you. You’re missing an opportunity right there. So again, if you’re trying to monetize, that’s a quick and easy one to put there. Now you might think, Well, I’m not getting an instant sale by directing you to my website. No, but you’re allowing me the user to know where you show up. And to be able to explore on my own to then connect with you. Please make sure it’s there because people are going to your link in your bio. And they are missing out on going to your actual website because you’re sending them to all these other places that you don’t own, that you don’t have any control over. And they can’t even actually get in contact with you missing opportunities. So I just had to share that with you. So now, I’m sure we’ll do a quick little recap here. And then I’ll kind of give you a one last tip on the strategy here. So clubhouse, we learned that it’s an audio based only program. It’s for currently, iPhone users. And Android users are kind of on the waitlist right now you can still go and reserve your name because it is invite only. So if you don’t have an invite, that’s fine, you can still go reserve your name. So then that way you have it even if you don’t think you’re going to use clubhouse it’s still a good idea to reserve your name on any new social platform that comes up. We looked at the overview of clubhouse app where you have the rooms you have the Search, you have your profile. And you can actually create a room that’s public as well as private. You’re in the audience, the minute you enter a room, then if you want, you can raise your hand and go up to stage. If the moderators bring you up on stage, you’re going to mute yourself, because it automatically is you onstage, unmuted. So you’ll mute yourself. And you’ll wait, we didn’t talk about this, but you’ll wait to be called on. Most rooms, if not all rooms will have a set format, the moderators who have this green circle with the white Asterix in it, they’re going to be telling you what is happening in the room. Even if you tune in late, reset the room, it’s called, they call it, let’s reset the room, where a moderator will then say, welcome to Xyz, we’re talking about X, Y, and Z. If you would like you can come up on stage, raise your hand, and we’ll go in the order that we have you on stage. Some will say we close the stage. So we’re not taking anybody, we turned off and raising Ellen formula. So again, when you go into a room, in the room, and listen to what’s going on, and then raise your hand if possible to take it to that next level and get your voice heard. Because it’s a great way to get noticed on a new platform. You want to make sure your bio is super, super important, especially the first three lines, we did our little SEO hack, where the first word or two is super important. You also want to make sure that you have information on where to find you. This I put in my paypal link, because you just never know when people are feeling tipsy. And you also want to make sure you connect your Instagram, Twitter is great, but I’m just gonna validate Instagram, that and then over on Instagram, make sure your bio is up to date, and that that link in your bio is updated, and has a direct link back to your website, somewhere on that landing page that you’re using. Because it’s super, super important. And here is the strategy because we talked about time management, time auditing,

right and managing your time that are on these platforms wants you to make sure that you’re going in with intent so that it’s not always the time, set a time limit. Know that you want to jump into a room that shows that sounds of value, you want to not only be in the audience, but try to get up on stage to speak. You want to tap on people’s profiles in the room to see what they’re about, and to follow them if they’re of interest. And then take it one step further. This is the key right here. one step further, I want you to go over to Instagram, and send them a direct message. Let them know you found them on clubhouse, you enjoyed what they had to say about XYZ in XYZ room. And that you’re looking forward to connecting with them more. And hey, if you want to jump on a call sometime, let me know. Don’t try to sell them anything. Not a sales call. It’s a connection call, or what I like to call a social call. Just want to get to know you. I want to know who you are what you do, outside of clubhouse, like let’s just actually have a face to face conversation. This takes it to a whole nother level, a whole nother level. Then, when you’re looking at your time audit, and you’re thinking about this platform and how it plays a part in your business is no longer a waste of time. If you’ve been intentional and you know that you’re not only listening to these rooms, you’re not only participating in these rooms, but you’re also connecting with people outside of these rooms to see how you can work together. Because remember, teamwork equals success. So understand that each of those is another level that you can incorporate. That will help you make the most of your time, both on clubhouse and anywhere else you show up. So again, it’s all about that strategy and really being able to step back and look at it at the bigger picture. And that’s what I love to do when it comes to live broadcasting and why I love Facebook Live. It’s not because Facebook’s the greatest thing ever. It’s got its quirks and everything. But when we step back and look at what’s the bigger picture here, what does Facebook want? How can we leverage that and use that in other areas of our business online and help us grow? Your online as well as when we can safely meet in person. So there’s whole strategies not just I don’t teach just how to go live That’s a part of it, what I teach you is so much bigger than that. And it’s tools and techniques that you can take and carry on throughout your whole online experience in offline when you can safely meet. So anyway, as you can see, when I get started, we can just go down the rabbit hole there. So anyway, that is clubhouse in a nutshell. If you need anything else, feel free to head over to my website, there’s a chat there, you can hit me up here on Facebook as well use the chat and be able to point I’ll be able to point you in the right direction. If you need help with your online strategy and starting to get into video because that is key. If you’re not using it, you’re most likely falling behind and we don’t want that. Then reach out because I do have my coaching program that I would love to talk to you more about to see if it’s a good fit. And if you need anything else, I’m here for you. So I hope that this was helpful and that you all go out there. Have a great day. And hey, remember to show up, deliver and engage. Have a great day everyone. Take care


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