Are you a busy professional looking to outsource some of your work to free up your schedule so you can be more successful in your business?

If so, tune into this episode to learn more about what you can and more importantly, what you can’t, outsource!

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 Transcription (typos courtesy of ai) :

Are you looking to outsource some of your work to free up your time, but you’re not really sure what you can outsource or what you shouldn’t be outsourcing. If so, then this is the episode you want to tune into today and be sure to share this out. So let’s dive into it.

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Now, today I’m super excited because I’m going to have a special guest. We’re going to be talking about outsourcing. So without further ado, let me go ahead and bring on our special guests.

Good morning. How are you? How are you doing today?

Good. That music makes me want to dance. That that’s a very good intro. Tell like in the background, like, yeah, like let’s go to. Shake off those nerves. Like here, here’s a tip right out of the gate for everyone is, you know, when going live, no matter how experienced you are, or maybe are not yet, uh, having something that helps shake off your nerves, like music and playing in the background before you go live, uh, can really help and really gets you like pumped up and ready to go.

It does it, does. I love it for those of you, for those people who may not know you go ahead and give a little intro about who you are and what you do. Yes. So I am an online business manager. I help coaches and entrepreneurs who have teams of three and more to organize their systems, to get, you know, their processes in place, um, to move them into proactive team management.

A lot of times we’re more in this reactive, like, Oh my gosh, this is due right now. How are we going to get it out? And so I like to. Flip the switch and we are actually going to be proactive and not have. Late things popping up. Um, and then I love just diving into business strategy and all the things that they can do to continue to grow their business.

So that’s my, my main, and then I, I help a lot of coaches with launching. I launching is my jam. It literally, while it scares most people. Yeah. It excites me to my core. And so I love, love, love jumping in with coaches and just kind of directing their team to make sure they have profitable launches and, um, without all the headache and stress and ulcers, that launches tend to give us at the end.

So. Yes, it’s so, so true. And it, what you do is very much needed. And you know, what came up for this episode to give everyone a little background is, uh, I was watching one of your live videos that popped up in my newsfeed and I. You had talked about outsourcing and things that you can and can’t outsource.

And so that’s what sparks today’s episode, because it’s really, really important for all of us to know that there are things that we can and should outsource in our business, but then there’s also certain things that we can’t and we shouldn’t because we need to actually do them. So let’s start talking about that because that’s really, really important for everyone to understand.

Yeah, you, you caught me on my soap box day of like, I was like, no, we need to stop this. It’s not. Okay. So, um, when I find when, um, coaches hire me, most of them are wonderful and they know that they need to show up right. In order to grow that they need to be active in their businesses. Um, every once in a while, I will have a coach that.

Does not quite understand that. So they say, you know what? You take care of the content you take care of all the things. And they stopped showing up. They stopped going live. They stopped participating in their groups. They stopped DM-ing people. They stopped networking. They stopped taking content like connection calls.

And it’s right then and there that your business is going to plumb. It, it doesn’t matter how good of support you have. It doesn’t matter if you have an OBM that really is passionate about your business. Like you are. If you stop showing up, no one is going to buy because they buy from those. They like know and trust.

Right? And if they never see you, if they never hear you, if they never know what you’re thinking and what you’re doing, you’re not going to have buyers. So it’s something that I am so passionate about because every time I see it, I want to like raise someone’s neck and say, stop. You still have to show up.

I know you hired me. I can take care of your team. I can help you grow. But you have to show up you, I can’t put on a mask that looks like you and go live. It just, it won’t, it won’t work. So, yeah, it’s very like, it’s, it’s a common issue that I see is just when you start outsourcing, you try to outsource the things that you really shouldn’t cause people need to see you.

Yes, and that’s key. And that’s what I want everyone to pay attention to is that it, people need to see you. They need to hear you. They need to feel your energy. And that’s why I love about live broadcasting, because it allows you to show up as only you can and be your authentic self and bring that personality to your brand and allow people to connect with you, which builds a stronger foundation, a stronger relationship that.

It doesn’t matter if your competition is doing the exact same thing, because you’re the one who gets to stand out and that person’s work. They, and, and, and, you know, it’s, it’s funny because even when they start groups, I say, have a community manager, have your community manager start showing up, doing the admin stuff in your community, which is fine.

But again, the thing that I noticed is when they stopped going live. When they stop putting their face forward in their unique, personal way, you know, ratings, drop algorithms, drop everything, tanks, you know, you can have someone in your groups doing your, do you know, posting your, um, events or doing your welcome, but.

No, go live. Still let people see you because you’re right. They there’s a thousand coaches out there, but there’s only one you. And the only way they’re going to see that is when you’re live and when you’re actually putting yourself forward and putting it all on the line for them to see right. For them to fall in love with, because we’re unique.

Yes. And I love that you bring that up too, around the groups and how you have seen firsthand, how things start to tank across the board when people don’t show up for themselves and for their audience. And yep. That’s something that’s really important because I think when we become entrepreneurs, when we really get into the online space, we automatically hear all these things around outsource, outsource, everything, automate everything.

So then that this, you know, freaky lifestyle where you’re not doing, having to do anything or worry about anything. And it’s like, well, yeah, but if you do that, you’re not going to have any personal connections. Therefore, like you said, everything starts to tank. It doesn’t even have to be that big of a deal.

So what I love about live and, um, I have a coach she’s super popular. She does an amazing job and she was going live every Friday for 45 minutes. Right. And like teaching on all this stuff. And I said, Hey, Stop just hold the phone. How about you go live three to four times a week for only five minutes at a time.

When you feel something come up that you want to share with your audience, she goes, Oh, I love that even more. I don’t even have to plan for it. It can literally be in the spur of the moment when I’m in my, and that’s when you guys catch me, you will catch me on my soap boxes and I get on and I’m like, yo, I can’t show up for you.

Right. And so I told her to do the same for clients and. Her algorithms have skyrocketed the other day. She’s like Sariah, this is incredible. Everything is just blowing up. And I said, it’s not, we don’t have to show up, show up, live and make it this huge fanfare. We can literally go for five, 10 minutes, give a motivation, tell someone a tip or trick and then get off.

It. Doesn’t have to be. A hour, please don’t make it an hour-long beat. Like no one even wants that. Y’all they don’t, they, I don’t have time for it. I don’t know about, but make it short, make it sweet people. See your personality. They fall in love with you and they’re able to. You know, grab it and it makes it easy for you so easy.

That’s the thing. And that’s the beauty of it too. I love how you brought up time, because one of the questions I get asked so much, uh, so many times from clients is how long should I go live for? And that’s that’s it depends, right? It depends on the content. It depends on audience. And so knowing that it doesn’t have to be an hour.

Is huge. Knowing that only be a five, maybe 10 minute thing is great. Sometimes it’s going to go longer. Just depends on you and your audience, but the fact that you actually are showing up live for them and giving them some piece of information, some piece of value. Yeah. Huge because yeah. That means that you’ve done your job and now you can let it do its job, whether it’s repurposing that on or podcast episode, or even in your membership areas or your Facebook groups.

Like that’s the beauty of it is you, you show up one time to do one thing and boom, it sets off this chain reaction for all these other things that you can do in your visit. Well, and that’s what’s so, so now when I bring people on. Um, new clients. I have a, I have a requirement. You have to go live at least once a week.

Um, and you have to go live for at least five to 10 minutes minimum. Right? So if you can, 30 minutes is my happy space. Like if it goes past 30, unless you’re in a launch and we can talk about that. Like launches typically run 45 minutes, but people understand they’re there. They have a workbook, they have tasks, they have homework, right.

They have, they’re like really diving in, but, um, when it’s just Willy nilly or when you’re just. You know, in your audience, because I take that and we create. Posts for Instagram. I actually take it and I create IETV. I throw it into LinkedIn that, that live. We can save it and then add cute captions, throw it onto the stories.

Um, the podcast is great. You can make it into a blog. You can make it into an email. You can then text it out to your people. Like the possibilities are endless on just even a 10 minute live. I can literally get enough content for a week or two. So. I do. I require it now because it’s so effortless for coaches to go live and a lot of them are afraid of it.

But once you step past it, you are literally giving your team enough material for two weeks just for going live for 10 minutes. Why wouldn’t you like? Yeah. It’s a no-brainer right. And your clients get to see you and fall in love with you even more and see your personality and see when you vent and get on your soap box.

Hey, it’s, it’s fun. So, and I’m so glad you brought that up because that’s the important part is that it’s that one action that allows us to have so much, and that’s when then you can outsource that part of the editing or the repurposing or whatever it is. Like, that’s the part that you can outsource, but.

You still have to show up first and be able to deliver that content in a live video, because again, live is the next best thing to be an in-person and it allows people to really connect with you on a much deeper level. And that’s, what’s going to make you stand out, not only with others, but also like we were talking about with the algorithms, for those who don’t know, we’re talking about the newsfeed on Facebook or on Instagram or YouTube or wherever you’re showing up LinkedIn.

LinkedIn now has it, I mean, I did have stories that cracks me up. Yes. But it should show you how, how popular it is and how much it’s needed. Yeah. The video format is across the board. At the top of what everyone wants and actually meets. And so that’s why it’s so important and it’s not just prerecorded video.

It’s what we’re talking about. Live live is different than prerecorded and it allows you to be in real time. And it’s what the platforms favor. Anything else? Yeah. Yeah. It’s so much, you know, I, I made, I made a list cause when we talked, you know, I was like, Ooh, what can they outsource? Cause I’m sure they’re sitting here like, okay, I have to go live.

That’s fine. And it’s not even about half to, once you get in the rhythm. Right. And get used to it. It’s so much fun. Like I now just love going live because it’s like, okay, it’s my time to just. Show up and be me. Um, but so, so my first was do not outsource, right? Like do not outsource your lives. No one can dress up as you.

The only really good impersonator I’ve seen is people in person hating Trump. And that’s because he’s hysterical to do so. Maybe he can get away with it. We really can’t, um, connections. Right? Like being in your DNS and talking to people while you can have your VA. Like message people back and forth. At some point you need to be in there too, and really establishing those like stronger connections and then networking, no one can take calls for you.

No one can get on and make those referral connections are massive. And it’s something that people usually forget. Um, What you can outsource is your content repurposing all your admin, have someone check your emails, have someone, you know, manage your calendar, have someone do all of that. I have someone write my thank you notes.

I do. I’m not even ashamed. I write it down what to say. And then my VA writes it all out in a pretty little card and sends it off because that’s something that it’s my words, but I don’t have time to sit and write, you know, 15 a day. Um, your website updates, your team management. But the one thing you cannot outsource is your lives just don’t do it.

It never, people want to see you. And even when you’re a hot mess or scared, or, you know, half the time, I’m like, and I tell people this I’m like, Thumb. See my pens right here. I’m, I’m playing with the pen the whole time. I’m online because I’m stressed to the max, right? Like I say, I have sweat and I like, it’s like awful, but you do it and you show up and it gets easier.

And people kind of like the hot messes they like seeing, um, You in a vulnerable state being yourself. Yes. You bring that up because, uh, as you saw, I have water one to stay hydrated, but two, it’s also nice to just hold below the, you know, if you think about it, when we’re at a party and we’re don’t know everyone there, uh, we, we tend to go grab a cup and, and we feel a little bit more comfortable because.

Oh, cause we can, we can slowly drink it when we don’t want to talk to someone like, Oh crap, they’re coming. Yeah. Interesting. Like, okay. I don’t know.

Um, and so it’s one of those things too. I love that you brought this up because, um, I realized that at the beginning of this episode, I said, Sarah and I. I messed up because it may not have been noticed because I was

a little bit of tech issues at the beginning of this episode. And so I was like, just trying to make sure I got straight on. And so when I saw your name, I just saw the SAR and in my brain, Sarah and I felt so bad. And I realized, this is why this is what happens. And this is the beauty of it is that Nate is so much fun.

Well, cause now we can go into a 20 minute conversation about my name and where it came from and why my parents call me Sariah and right. Like it’s live. It’s fun. Exactly, exactly. And that’s the beauty of it. And so, you know, if you’re listening to this and you’re thinking, you know, yes, but I don’t want to mess up.

No that we all do. It doesn’t matter who you are or not. It’s real, it’s real life and that’s, which is what happens. And then you just laugh it off and keep moving forward. You know, another, another fun tip. And I’ve been doing this because I’ve made it a, um, A goal to go live every day from Monday to Friday, um, I’ve now started scheduling people to come live with me on streamline, streamline stream yard.

It takes away the pressure of you just going live on your own all the time, and like coming up with topics and talking to yourself though. I love talking to myself. Sometimes people don’t want to hear about me. Right. So, yeah. That’s another tip that I love, because again, you can do this like back and forth.

You can create content out of it. You can put it on your podcast, YouTube, whatever you want, and it’s still relatable and people love it. Right. They love hearing names. Butchered. I’m just saying. Yeah. Yeah. In fact, you know, fun fact, I don’t know if you know this, but when I first started live streaming, I actually went five days a week.

And I literally, for nine months, I think I might’ve missed three days. I love that it was, it was a lot of work, but it was a lot of fun and it, yeah. And it’s one of those things that I really enjoy. Obviously I’m still doing it and this is now what I teach people how to do. But, um, it’s one of those things that I love being able to, like you said, have other people on the show, hence why you’re here.

Because it does, it makes it more interesting. You have more dynamics going on and have that real conversation. And as we know, when it comes to social media, when it comes to business, everything starts with the conversation. And that’s what leads to those connections, those calls, those referrals, those sales, those opportunities for you to grow.

And it’s just so powerful. And that’s why I love live because it just helps you get there a little bit quicker. Yeah. Yeah. You know, um, The the way that I do live everyday, because I know people watch this and I’d say this all the time, because people are like, how are you going live every day? Right. I have five kids.

I homeschool, I work. And I like, I juggle a crap ton of kids. Um, you can put me on that cause I do. Um, but I, now, when I’m having conversations with people, could you said it starts with the conversation. So I have at least one networking call a day. I jot down something that I share with them. If they ask me like, what’s an OBM or, well, how do I do X, Y, and Z?

Or why is it important to lunch? I jot down what I say and I go live on what I said, so I never create content. I never plan ahead. I literally take my day. And as I feel inspired, as I say something, that’s what I go live about. So we don’t even have to make it like this huge scientific planning it out at the beginning of the month and like making it a big deal.

Just go about your day. And when you say something that hits you. Make note of it when you’re done with that call done with that client done with that teaching, go live and share it with everyone. It’s so easy. And it just, it’s a no brainer. That’s the only way I can go live. I do not plan ahead. I’m like a squirrel and I go, so I love that.

And you know, That is a great tip for, for everyone. And, and for some of you listening, you might be thinking, okay, that’s great, but I totally am a planner. That’s fine too. We’re all different. And we all learn differently. We all differently. And yeah. It’s important for you to realize what it is that you prefer, and to be able to start looking around that.

And I love how you mentioned that you’re taking notes of the questions people are asking you. So even if somebody is listening right now thinking, okay, but I’m not jumping on a whole lot of calls. I’m just mostly on social. Here’s the thing. Check out the questions that people are asking you, but also inside of these groups that you’re in, are they, what are the questions?

Are they relevant to you and make note of that? Because that’s your content. That’s what you can share. And then go live and answer that dang question. No one needs to know that you got it from, you know, boss moms or, you know, whatever. Like no one needs to know. You can just say, Hey, I was at, I, I was asked this question, I want to answer it like, yeah.

And if you plan that script, but yeah. Um, the biggest thing is to not make excuses, to not show up. And that’s my biggest thing. Like the planners are great at planning and I like commend them. I wish I could be less squirrel and more like, Oh yes, that’s planned my whole month out. Um, but I kept using it as an excuse.

I kept saying, I don’t know what I’m going to talk about. Therefore, I’m not going live. Therefore I’m not doing content right. No, because once you become an entrepreneur, it’s not about creating excuses, it’s about creating solutions. And so my solution for me, not, you know, planning a month in advance was okay, I’m just going to go with whatever pops up that day.

Right. I’m going to be squirrel and we’re going to be awesome about it. So at the end of the day, just don’t make an excuse. Just find what works for you. Yes. Oh, that was so good. Um, I don’t know. We can go on and on. That was really good, but I want to make sure that we’re cautious of your time as well today.

You know, me, I’m like 30 minutes or less ed, 30 minutes jam packed episode. Um, so where can people find out more about you? I have it in the description, but also feel free to let them know here. And, uh, if you have any last tips or less. Gosh, I always have tips. I could talk all day. Um, so I’m on Instagram, Sariah who Fulani, OBM say my name 10 times fast and I’ll send you a free coffee.

Um, I’m also on Facebook, same thing, Sariah Fulani. And then OBM um, my business name is Panda source. And so you can see that on Facebook too. So I’m, I’m, it’s in my squirrel nature. You never know which page I’m going to post on and it’s, I’m owning it for now. Cause it’s it is AOK. Um, and then, yeah, shoot me, shoot me a message at DM.

Um, at the, at the end of the day, we’re all busy. We’re all scared. We’re all trying to figure out this whole like online entrepreneur world and how to, you know, show up and blow up and like take space, right. Because we need to take space in order to grow. And it’s just about showing up even scared, even imperfect.

Being called Sarah. It doesn’t freaking matter. You get, you go there, you do it. And then later you may be screaming your pillow or you call your mom. You’re like, I can’t believe I just went live. Right. But you just do it. Cause it does. Oh my gosh. It pays off tenfold, which is why I’m so passionate about what you do ad is because so many people are afraid of it and they don’t know what to do.

And so that guidance is so needed and, um, It’s it’s, it’s a, it’s a huge service you’re giving others. So I appreciate you letting me come on and spiel about why I’m so passionate about live. Cause we need content. So yes, no, I appreciate having you on the show and. Uh, sharing all of these tips and allowing listeners to hear from your perspective, wildlife is important, right?

Because it’s, it’s one thing to hear it from me, you know, somebody’s been doing it and who is teaching other students, but it’s another to hear it from someone like you, because you have the experience, you also are a mom and you’re juggling all the different things. And so this gives that real. Feel that real touch that people can really be related or relatable to it just it’s it just takes it to that next level.

I appreciate you spending the time with us. Well, thanks for having me. It was fun. Thank you so much. And I hope you have a great rest of your day. Take care. All right. I hope that you all enjoyed this episode and that you are going to bookmark this and save it because you have a lot of great tips there that you can go back and listen to.

And if you learn nothing else from this episode, it’s too, what. Go live, just go live and be able to share your message with the world. And if you need help, of course, reach out. We can talk about how I can help you and how my Coaches Go Live program can help you get there a little bit quicker and a little bit more organized, uh, as we help you create your show, which can also be used as your podcast.

So if you need anything reach out and we will talk to you next time. Take care, everyone.


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