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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire you to freelance for me?

I would love to discuss this in more detail with you. If you could please fill out the contact form above that way I can learn a bit more and we can discuss setting up a time to meet.

Do I need a website?

The short answer is yes!

A website is your home away from home – it’s your online home where you will direct traffic to. A website is what search engines like Google bring up first when people search for a business especially when it comes to local searches. If you’re going to be in business you need a website, period. 


Nope. While having a Facebook business page is great and is a way for you to share your business online it doesn’t replace a website. If you want to be found online especially through Google you will still need a website. You can get a website here.

Do you build websites?

You bet I do! I build easy to manage websites on WordPress so that my clients can easily manage their websites on their own, should they choose to, and save money.

Get a website here.

Do you build apps?

I don’t. Apps are on a whole other level and I always caution people around building apps especially if you’re just starting out and have a limited budget as they can be extremely expensive. 

Can I hire you to speak at an event?

Yes! I love speaking at events – as well as in front of teams – educating them on:

  • The power of social media
  • Live broadcasting & why it’s a game-changer for any business
I’m just getting started, no budget, where should I start?

I get this question a lot and totally understand where you are at. Check out my “Get Started” section.

Keep in mind that most entrepreneurs especially, in the beginning, are faced with this question and honestly we have to understand that in order to make money we have to spend money.

Also, be sure to check out Yes to Entrepreneurship.


Can I be a guest expert inside the Hey Ed Network?

If you would like to become a guest expert inside my Hey Ed Network where you can share your expertise with others please fill out this form here.

What tools do you recommend?

I’m so glad you asked this one! Check out my tools page here for all my recommendations 🙂 

Should I get a .COM URL?

Yes! If the .COM URL is available for your preferred domain name then you will want to buy that one. There are other extensions out there like .CLUB, .FITNESS, .TV and the list goes on. While those are fun, .COM is still the number one choice and is what people default to when they type in a URL. 

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