Are you an instructor or teacher trying to figure out how you can create content for your social media presence. Here’s what you do:

Mount a camera or phone somewhere, use a tripod or selfie stick, and do a little video of the routine. Now, repurpose that video on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, website, etc. Don’t just repost that 20 minute lecture or training session.

Take that 20 minute video, edit it down (use iMovie on a Mac) into small video clips that you can post on your website and across your social media platforms. Look for quotes or tips when editing. Yes, this can take time, but you are creating content to post through out the week. One training session can turn into 5 or more posts. I have turned 28 minute Periscope videos into 8 separate video clips that I’ve used for my website and across my social media platforms.

Video time frames for social media:

Facebook: 2 minutes or less

Instagram: 15 seconds or less

Twitter: 30 seconds or less

YouTube: 5 minutes or less (preferred)

Your website: 5 minutes or less (preferred)

Remember, whenever possible, always draw people back to your website.




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