Whenever you’re creating something new, you always have to do your research. Nothing new there, right? But maybe you’re not asking yourself the one key question that could really launch your product or service.

When creating your product or service there really is only one question that you should be asking yourself and it’s the same exact question your target market, your potential customers, will be asking themselves. What is this question? Well, you can find out in my upcoming free webinar where I will not only go over the question but the 3 easy ways you can answer it before it’s too late. Remember, first impressions are everything and the average attention span is only 8 seconds. If you can capture your potential customers attention from the start your chances of converting them into higher paying customers are much higher.

By the way, if you are looking into webinar platforms or are currently using a webinar platform that you are not totally in love with then I urge you to click below and check out my landing page for the webinar. Why? So you can see how clean and user-friendly it is. The landing page is part of the new to me webinar platform Expertise.tv. I chose this over all the other ones out there because of what I saw and experienced the other day. The user interface on Expertise.tv is clean and so easy to navigate. They really have a solid platform here that is your all in one solution (landing pages, count down timer, automated emails, booking services, blog posting). So even if you are not interested in my webinar, still go and check out what I created to give you a better idea of what you can do.

Attend: Potential Customers Always Ask…

Ps. If you think you know what the question is, add it to the comments below

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