Live streaming (#FacebookLive) should be part of your digital marketing strategy here in 2021 and beyond!

Part of that strategy is, creating and having your own show which is so important because people want to get to know YOU and they want to see YOU.

Having your own show quickly builds up that know, like, trust factor too!

And if you were to look at all the major social networks you would see that they too are directing us all to have our own shows!

Think: Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live, IGTV, Clubhouse, Facebook Live Audio, Spofitys Greenroom, TikTok Live, Amazon Shopping Live, and even Twitter has an option.

It’s incredibly valuable for you to start creating your own LIVE show.

Having your own show will help you solve several of those problems that have been holding you up lately — like…

– When to show up?
– What to share?
– How to stand out?
– How to create more engaging content?
– What to do with your content next?

Do yourself a favor and make note that this year you will be the year that you create a show for your business.

You can and you will once you give yourself permission to do this.

And hey, if you need help at least you know someone who can assist you with your digital marketing needs – especially when it comes to video content and live streaming video content.

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