Looking to find new people to follow on Periscope? Didn’t know about this mornings Twitter chat (#Periscopemeetup) hosted by Alex Pettitt (@Alexpettitt)? Don’t worry, I have all the details below!

While you may have missed out on the live twitter chat (Twitter chats are conversations on Twitter using a common #hashtag) you can still go back and look at the conversation to discover new people on Periscope. All you have to do is click #Periscopemeetup and you will be taken directly to the conversation.



For those looking to do it themselves you will need to:

  • Go to Twitter.com
  • Make sure to sign in
  • Click the magnify glass icon in the upper right (this is your search feature)
  • Type in the search “#Periscopemeetup
  • Look at the “Top Tweets” and browse through the photos
  • Then look through “All Tweets”

One Periscope person I did check out was Caleb Maddix (@CalebMaddix) a 14 year old author of “Keys To Success For Kids,” public speaker, entrepreneur, and founder of Kids with a Mission. I only watched 2 of his most recent Periscope broadcasts, but they were enough to grab my attention. Caleb maybe 14 years old, but he sure knows what he is talking about. I loved that he had mention smiling in one of the scopes and how it can provide value to people. We have to remember it’s the little things that really count and can make a world of difference. I am very impressed with Caleb and you should go check him out!

Be sure to add your Periscope username & what you scope about to my list of the “10 People to follow on Periscope.”

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