Today there are so many platforms for connecting and staying in contact with people Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, podcasts, your website, the list goes on. It’s not practical, for most, to be on all these sites.

A few clients have been asking me lately, “Do I have to be on all these social media sites?” The simple answer is “No!” You have to find the platform that will work best for your clientele. If you find out, through research, that multiple platforms are right for your business then you have to figure out how you can be present on all of them. You will have to create QUALITY content geared towards prospects on each platform and be able to divide that content accordingly.

My clients are already feeling overwhelmed with everything that’s why they are coming to me. As an entrepreneur you have more than enough to do, you don’t want to add unnecessary items.

Remember, you can be on every social media site out there if you choose, but unless you are producing quality content that can be distributed evenly across all platforms then you will not build a following.
What questions do you have?

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