Ed Talk TV Ep. 102: The top 4 things to do right now regarding the new GDPR rules (note I am not a lawyer)


FYI: I am not a lawyer – when in doubt you should always consult with a professional. That being said, I will share what I have learned/done with my website.

1. Get a privacy policy that is updated with GDPR (if you need one here is the one I use and is a template provided by Dana Bucy Miller who has helped me with my legal stuff before – full disclosure this is also an affiliate link: https://belegallyempowered.com/sto…/privacy-policy-template…)

2. You need to update your email list ASAP (you can either segment to only target those located in the EU or to be safe send to your whole list. Yes, you will see you list numbers go down – think of this as a healthy cleanse lol).

If those located in the EU do not update their settings by the 25th you MUST remove them (delete them) by/on the 25th.

*Note: Most email programs such as MailChimp do have a template ready to go for you that you can just send off to your list.

3. Anywhere you have an email sign up form go ahead and add a link to your privacy policy page just to be safe.

This is all to help be more transparent in how we share personal information – really to help us all, only get what we sign up for and not a bunch of extra stuff someone added us to.

Of course, when in doubt seek out legal advice from a professional. This again is just steps I have taken and learned about. I hope that helps! 🤓

If you need help reach out here.

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