Facebook pages just got another boost

Before I jump into this topic, let me ask you, how many of you reading this has a Facebook business page – tell me in the comments below?

Whether or not you have a Facebook business page this blog post will give you insight as to the importance of not only having one but being active on a Facebook business page.

You see, business pages got a bad wrap.

Facebook started out with personal profiles which if you’re on Facebook you already have this – every Facebook account starts with a personal profile.

Now if you’re a business you can get what is called a Facebook business page where you can promote your business.

Business pages are great because they’re like storefront windows that allow your fans/followers to engage directly with your business content on social media.


So why the bad wrap?

Well, Facebook also came out with Facebook groups which have taken off in popularity over the last few years – leaving Facebook pages out to dry (more on this later).

Facebook groups come in various types from a public to closed to secret depending on the level of privacy one wants for their group (A.K.A. your small community).

The reason Facebook pages get a bad wrap is that business owners quickly jumped from building a page to building a Facebook group – many abandoning their business page (not keeping up with posts).

Facebook groups were a “better” way to get in front of your people vs Facebook business pages given the algorithm updates. Many said, in order to build a successful Facebook business page you have to “pay to play.”  

While there is some truth to that – because let’s face it, while Facebook is free, it is a business and they have to make money somehow right? – people like me never gave up on their business page.


In it to win it!

For me, I never gave up on my business page and urged my followers to never give up on their Facebook pages either. Whether or not you want to pay for ads – up until recently, this month, I never paid for a single ad anywhere and just built up my page organically – if you’re a business on Facebook you should have and maintain a Facebook business page.


Facebook page update

Over the years, Facebook has been trying to win back business owners and the use of business pages as Facebook saw the decline in use (many skipped the pages and went to the groups but now even groups don’t guarantee your audience will see your content – at least right away.).

Several months back Facebook made it easier for a business page (originally a business page was just a place where you could post but not interact with others as your business page) to engage as a business page with other posts throughout Facebook.

Meaning, if I saw a great post in my Facebook feed from my personal account I could like and comment on it as my business page (@EdTroxellCreative) vs just my personal account. This made it easier for business owners to connect with others on Facebook, play by Facebook rules of not promoting business directly through their personal accounts – this is a huge no-no and will result in getting banned from Facebook – and allowed followers to go directly to your business page vs your personal profile.

While this helped business owners greatly, many still don’t realize this feature is available and they don’t know just how powerful this can be for their businesses – of course, those of you inside my Hey Ed membership community do because we talk about this a lot.

I have always been one to take the challenging road when it comes to business decisions – I guess that’s to test my skills, build my character, and take the lessons I’ve learned and teach them out to you.

For example,

  • Starting and running my magazine, MIX IT UP, I was determined to print the first two issues because I wanted the full experience and something people could actually pick up and hold – even though everyone advised me not to because “printing is dying” and it costs too much
  • Sticking to building out my Facebook business page even though many were abandoning theirs and going straight to Facebook groups. I grew my page very slowly over time because I…Showed up, delivered the content, and engaged with my audience (my SUDE formula).

After Facebook business pages were allowed to easily like and comment on other people’s posts, Facebook then (recently) decided to update the small business page profiles to help small businesses. This updated profile was meant to help people browsing your business page see your most important posts quickly and easily.

Whether or not this updated profile helps small business owners out I think it’s still too early to tell but Facebook is trying to win back business owners so they have to try and see what works.


Pages can now join Facebook groups

The latest Facebook business page update is one I’m really excited about although there is a slight catch which is dependent on the creator of the Facebook group (more on this later).

Facebook just announced that Facebook pages can now join Facebook groups – prior to this update only individuals (personal profiles) could join Facebook groups.

Which as a business owner you could see how this could be confusing since Facebook technically doesn’t want you to be doing business as your personal profile yet that’s all you could join groups as. The latest Facebook page update though – allowing pages to join Facebook groups – is huge for business owners.


Think about it…

Most Facebook groups are centered around business and networking. So it only makes sense right to allow business pages to join groups — this will only strengthen the connections business owners make (assuming you actually use your Facebook page).


The catch!

Now, as mentioned before, there is a slight catch which is, group owners will need to

  1. Realize they have an option under the group settings
  2. Actually, select this option in order to allow pages to join

Personally, I don’t see the downside of this option because I’m all about business and the groups I’m currently in are all business.


What do you think?

Share with me in the comments — I mean you made it this far so why not right?

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