Here is this week’s Facebook page roundup! If you’re new to me, welcome! Each week I do a weekly blog post (like this) where I take all of my Facebook business page posts and add them here to my blog. Why you might ask?

Well, for starters everything is in one easy to find place saving you tons of time! There are also fewer distractions here than on Facebook, making for a better user experience. Plus, it’s easier to like, comment or share given everything is right here for you.

I’d love to read your comments regarding any of the posts below. Just scroll to the bottom of this blog post and let me know! 🙂


Imagine seeing your Instagram profile come to life!

Yeah, that one you spend all your time on, crafting a visually pleasing profile that not only looks good but also inspires others!

Then, one day a major brand name reaches out and tells you they want to bring your Instagram profile to life – to inspire even more people!

What would you do?


Success is all about feelings! That’s why I say, pick something you’re passionate about.

Facebook portal is going to be interesting! I’m curious to see how this takes off. I will say, what sparked my interest was the camera keeping you in the frame – this will be huge for cooking shows!


So proud of this blog post on the Amazon Effect – the infographic is awesome!


Anyone surprised about this one? Nope! Google+ has always been struggling to fit in with all the other social networks and Google finally decided to pull the plug.


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