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Given the recent news around Toys R Us, I figured I would bring this episode back!

I was going to tag Toys R Us here but they don’t have an official US page – Call me Toys R Us investors…help me help you.

This post covers the rise and fall of Toys R Us as well as a panel discussion around what they could have done with their stores.


This was a great virtual summit! I highly recommend checking it out if you can!


I created this chart on Facebook and how it’s broken down. Facebook can be very confusing and has many things going on but these are the 3 main parts that everyone especially business owners need to know.


I’m taking part in a Facebook challenge this week put on by Jasmine Star and this post was one of the exercises. Be sure to read it not only to get to know me better but also for you to get ideas on how you can create a similar post for your Facebook page.


This training on how to grow your Facebook page without ads was fire! Take a look for yourself and let me know your thoughts below in the comments!


This was another exercise from the Facebook page challenge I’m taking part in that I mentioned above with Jasmine Star. Again, be sure to read it and take notes.


I’m curious to know what your least favorite thing about Facebook is? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


This news story is totally random and crazy right? But, if you listen closely the business owner says how she used terms people already know and use – take a listen.


This is exciting! I am working on outlines for some upcoming workshops for the Small Business Development Center and wow! There’s so much I can teach around Facebook! Do you have any requests? Share in the comments below.


This ad campaign from Levi’s is very cool! Watch how they carefully construct this ad and tie in current events.


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