As part of my new content strategy, I want to start providing a weekly roundup of my Facebook business page posts so that you, my reader, can actually see what you might have missed over on Facebook.


There are several reasons I am doing this

  • Not everyone is on Facebook
  • Facebook doesn’t always show our posts even if someone has liked, followed, and turned on their notifications
  • It’s less distracting – on Facebook you have to scroll through a lot before seeing posts and then you see everything else Facebook wants to show you vs here it’s summed up in one nice blog post for you


Now, if you’re wondering how I did this – taken my Facebook business page posts and added them here to my blog – you will want to check out my “Guide: How to get your Facebook business page posts seen.” In that post, I go over everything you need to know for how to take your posts from Facebook and add them to your blog.


Below are this week’s main posts and I’d love for you to share with me in the comments of this blog post what your thoughts are?

  • Do you like this weekly roundup idea?
  • Will you try something like this? Are you already doing this?
  • What did you think of the posts I shared?


I look forward to connecting with you in the comments and remember, leaving a comment helps us both out when it comes to being discovered by others including Google. 


How true is this statement for us business owners?


Mari Smith shared an awesome Facebook live broadcast with us this week sponsored by Bank of America called “What Makes Facebook the Right Place for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs?” 


This post on “do you prefer physical books or ebooks” has gotten so much attention and reach on Facebook. You guys, this is such a simple post and the image is not even my branding, it was just whipped up! You can see from the comments that this post is relatable to my audience which is why it works.


I’m really excited about this last post because it just shows you how quickly connections can be made. On Tuesday I went live on Periscope (first time in a very long time). I recently discovered that you can now choose between going live on camera or going live with just audio – yeah, super cool!


So I went live on Periscope as it is part of my new content strategy and shared tips around getting your Facebook page seen. It just so happened that Dalan (his Periscope live is below) tuned into my show and learned something new! No, it wasn’t the Facebook stuff, although he did pick up some things from that, but the more impressive part was he learned how to do live audio.


He showed up to my broadcast (discovered me based off my broadcast title I’m guessing) and not only listened in but asked me how I was recording my live. I shared with him how to find this new to me feature on Periscope and bam! Next thing I know, we are connecting on Twitter and he gave me such an awesome shoutout on his show.


My formula – Show up. Deliver. Engage. – works and this is just another example of just how cool it is when you actually implement it.


Share your thoughts on this Facebook page update below in the comments

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