In an effort to help you stay on top of the posts I share on Facebook I have started to create these weekly blog post roundups where I take what I have shared on my Facebook business page and put them into a nice, easy to browse blog post. Below you will find this week’s Facebook roundup.

If you would like to learn more about how you can do this checkout Guide: How to get your Facebook business page posts seen

Facebook Business Pages

Here is a blog post I wrote around this which dives deeper into the topic Facebook business page update & why it’s important.


Six Flags offering up a spooky business deal


Make your business stand out

The writing is on the wall and I love it!


Money doesn’t buy happiness


1:1 Business consulting for the weekend

This was a fun trip! I was able to head down south to visit one of my high profile clients where we spent the whole weekend brainstorming, strategizing and filming. We went from idea to implementation in no time – it was amazing!


Wake up & just start


Instagram’s shocking news this week

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