Today’s special guest, Ed Troxell, Owner of Ed Troxell Creative and Founder of the Yes to Entrepreneurship Network, is a Facebook Live Producer who helps small business owners connect more with their audience online and grow their business with ease. Ed is known as the guy who makes tech stupid easy!

Ed and I dish on all the answers to your top questions, including:
>> Why is your Facebook page so important vs a group?
>> What can one do in order to increase their organic reach on their page?

You aren’t going to want to miss this!

>> BONUS! Ed has been gracious enough to offer a FREE 30-minute training on 3 ways you can drive more sales from your Facebook page! Simply go to EdTroxellCreative.com and click on the “Take our free Facebook course” at the top of the page!

>> READY FOR MORE?! Doors are now open to Ed’s Facebook Live program, Coaches Go Live (formerly known as Business Gone LIVE). Inside the program, Ed teaches business owners everything they need to know for producing their own live streaming show on Facebook. Bonus, he shows you what to do with your videos afterward. Get all the details at CoachesGoLive.com or start a chat with Ed today!

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