About the show

Ed Talk TV is a Facebook Live talk show covering topics around business, technology, and the user experience. The show is live Monday through Friday, airing at 4 PM PST. You can watch previous episodes here.


The purpose of the show is to share what we know!


I realize being on video especially live can be terrifying which is why I wanted to offer this guest appearance option to help you ease into live broadcasting. Think of it as just you and me hanging out, having a conversation.

By filling out the request form below you are letting me know that you are interested in becoming a guest who would cover a certain topic. Please keep in mind this is not a show for you to just sell your product or services directly on. This is a show where we work together to share what we know and build our online relationships.

How to go live on Facebook training

Learn how to go live on Facebook, what the new Facebook Creator app is, and how you can take your broadcasts to the next level here.

Tools I use for the show (note: some links below are affiliate links. Learn more here)

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