Today I was in one of my Facebook groups for graphic designers and the topic of Facebook messages came up. I had posted a computer I was selling and told people to message me if they wanted more details. A couple of people were replying in the comments letting me know that if I got a message from them and we were not friends it may not show up in the inbox. I might have to go to the “other” folder to find the message. That’s a little strange because all my messages, even for people that I don’t know, usually come into my inbox. I never have to go looking for them.

I wanted to test this out though so I went to my messages to see what might be waiting for me in the “other” inbox. Everything that comes into my inbox on my Facebook actually comes through the inbox, at least almost everything. I really had no need to go anywhere else. This is one of those moments where we learn together. That’s the beauty of technology. Not one person is going to know every single thing even if they are a pro/ expert in that field. There’s always something changing and something new to uncover. That’s the beauty of what I do.

For those who don’t know when you go on to Facebook and click on messages (the little chat boxes in the upper right) you actually have, by default your inbox. To the right of that is “other” or at the bottom of the pop up box you will see “See all messages.” When you click on “see all” it will actually bring up all your messages and show you all of them. I ended up finding out that I had a message from an old friend Jamie whom I met way back when we where on a trip to Egypt together. She had tried connecting with me. We lost touch over the years so I was very surprised to see her message. I was so irritated with Facebook because I never got a notice for it. I never knew she messaged me. I immediately started writing back.



Moral of the story, check out your Facebook messages and see if you have any waiting for you. Who knows, maybe you have a long lost relative or secret love connection waiting?


**UPDATE: Changes coming to inbox


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