Feedback, good or bad, is the only way your business can grow!

That’s why it’s important to ask for it as well as listen to what others have to say, this way you know your businesses strengths and opportunities.

Today, more than ever you are busy, doing a million things. Who has time to pause and give someone a compliment on how well they are doing? Yeah, there are a few of you out there but I’m willing to bet the number of people who stop to give negative feedback, also known as a complaint, outweigh the positives a million to one. Think about it. When was the last time you gave someone a compliment on how well they did their job?

While you think about that I will share with you my answer. This morning I went to my local UPS store to drop off a package that needed to be returned. I would consider myself a regular as of late thanks to my Amazon Prime membership. I was greeted with a smile as usual and while I waited for my shipping label to print I gave some feedback. I told the lady who always helps me out, and forgive me I do not have her name down yet, that I appreciated her always taking care of me and that I have never had a bad experience there. Her eyes lit up! She was very appreciative of my comments. We discussed how most customers don’t say anything unless you are doing something wrong. Not only did she feel good that someone notices her hard work, but it also made me feel good to be able to communicate that.

No matter what kind of feedback you want to give, positive or negative, work on being able to share it in a more constructive manner. Focus on the positive feedback more for right now to help you step out of your comfort zone. I would also urge you to look at how you deliver the negative feedback. Is there a way to convey the negative so that it is more of an opportunity for improvement in the person or company rather than a bashing session? It is all in your approach. The more comfortable you get with delivering feedback the more comfortable you will be in receiving it. Feedback not only will build your character but allow you to move forward and succeed in anything you do, including running your own business.

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