The holiday season has officially started! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and soon will be Christmas. Yes, it is hard to believe but it’s true! Most of us will be so busy with cleaning, cooking, traveling, and gathering the family together we won’t be able to think twice about what we eat, just that we need to. Yes, there will be that little voice in the back of our minds telling us, “Go ahead and eat that. It’s the holidays. Live a little! You can work it off later.” That is why we want to give you 3 Pointers to Help Fight Holiday Weight Gain.

[Replay from this mornings Periscope]

3 Pointers to Help Fight Holiday Weight Gain Resources:

Here are a few iPhone & iPad Apps you can download to help you fight the holiday weight gain! These Apps will allow you to keep track of weight, food, calories, workouts, you name it.


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