So you need to sign up for Fullscope.tv if you want insight (data, what’s working, what’s not, who your top influencers are, etc.) on your scopes. You just go to Fullscope.tv using your web browser and then you click sign in with your Twitter account which is linked (at least it should be) to Periscope. Then from there Fullscope.tv will start giving you data for each scope also known as broadcast. It’s worth noting that it can take up to 24 hours to catch all the data from one of your scopes. Once it catches your scope you can see everything from comments to hearts to top influencers to even screen shares. It is a very useful tool.

After you scope on Periscope, save the broadcast to your device (turn this on in the settings of Periscope) then go back over to Fullscope.tv, sign in and click on the big red/orange button “Get Broadcasts.” I recommend doing this immediately after a scope so you don’t forget. If you wait you might forget. Remember, Periscope only keeps the broadcast for 24 hours which means Fullscope.tv only has 24 hours to pull it. In other words you only have 24 hours to pull it.



Lights. Camera. Scope. Save. Get Broadcast.

*Update: After this broadcast I went to Fullscope to “Get Broadcast” and it actually pulled it in quick. So it may not take 24 hours to start getting data. It use to.

Resource: Fullscope.tv

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