Originally appeared on FunnelMagazine.com December 16, 2017

Anchor App If you have ever thought about having your own podcast or even radio station then you need this app! It’s the easiest way to create valuable content from anywhere while on the go! The best part is, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use and it’s free!

Once you create an account you can start recording your podcast episodes or radio show segments including interviews all through the app. Anchor allows you to add in music for transitions and they even upload your content to iTunes as well as other podcasting platforms for you-you just choose the episode, tap a few buttons and you’re done!

What I really love about Anchor is the ability to record by simply lifting the phone to your ear as if you were talking naturally on the phone.

Tip: After you publish your episodes you can tap on the little movie icon to the right and have them create a video transcription which you can then download and use on social media.

Drift – Bring life to your website and start engaging more with your visitors with Drift. Drift makes it easy to add one of those fun and very convenient chat bubbles to your website. They offer a free option which is great for anyone just getting started or is wanting to test it out on their website.

The user interface is very clean and easy to move around. You can add a welcome message, your photo, change the colors and much more! Here’s the really cool part, you can even integrate Drift with Slack (for those who use Slack) so you don’t have to use Drift’s app, you can use Slack and keep everything in one program.

Tip: Adding this to your website makes it easier for visitors to reach out to you vs using a standard contact form.

Dubsado – One of my top used programs! If you are looking for an all-in-one system for your business that is easy to use and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg then this one is worth checking out!

Dubsado has created an amazing platform that allows their users to funnel most of their business needs through one easy to use online program. You can set up lead captures, workflows, send invoices, track expenses, list out tasks, and much more.

The best part is, Dubsado has outstanding customer service! They’re so helpful, quick to respond, and are always working on new features to bring you so you really can have an all-in-one business program.

Tip: It’s all about finding the right programs that can help you simplify the processes and save you time. Make sure you take some time to look at your current programs and see which ones you can do without – less is more!

Facebook Creator App – Facebook just released their new, standalone app, Creator which is huge for those with a Facebook business page. When you download the app and attach your page (this may still be rolling out to some accounts) you will now be able to create “stories” for your business.

You might have heard of Instagram stories or Facebook stories for your personal profile – similar to Snapchat – both allow you to capture your day with each story disappearing after 24 hours. The best part about stories for your business page is that not only can you create “behind the scenes” you can record in landscape mode and it automatically fits it in portrait mode.

Why would you want to film in landscape mode (make sure the camera lens is on the lefthand side so that it looks like you are talking directly to your audience)? So that you can repurpose the content! Once you record your story, hit save before posting it so that you can have a copy saved to your device. Then you can take that copy and share on other social platforms or drop in your email newsletters.

Tip: When creating your content think about the main topic, have up to 3 talking points, share it on one platform and then repurpose elsewhere. It’s not about how much content you can create. It’s about having a system in place, making the most of your time, and delivering valuable content.

Stupid Easy – This one is for all my online learners and teachers who want to teach online but have been held back by the complicated technology. Stupid Easy is a new online learning platform that makes it easy for anyone to not only take an online course but to also create their very own.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy or download an app to use it. In fact, you can create your courses on the go from your phone or at the comfort of your computer. The platform was built with you – the user – in mind. It’s also the first bite-sized learning platform to offer the 5-minutes or less video rule. Each video lesson has to be 5-minutes or less which is great news for both the student and teacher as the course completion rates are higher.

Tip: Take your main topic (1 problem that you will provide the solution for), break it into bite-sized lessons, and then record your videos. If you prefer you can record in one full sitting just make sure you remember to take breaths in between transitions – this makes it easier later when you go to edit the video.

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