Wow! This hour-long video is jam-packed with a ton of Facebook page knowledge. Whether you are just starting out or are already well on your way you will want to check this video out.

Heather Porter covers everything from setting up your Facebook page to cover photos, Facebook ads, and checking out your competition. All of this is packed into one easy to understand video that is absolutely free.

I love how Heather continues to check in with her audience and realizes some information might be too much. She reminds viewers that they should hand the video off to their team when they hit those points.

Always keep that in mind when speaking to your audience. You want to constantly check in with them and also remind them that some information might not fit for them right now but at least they have it for later.

I ended up trying out one of the resources Heather mentioned in the video (LikeAnlyzer is one of them) to see what my Facebook page score would be. I figured mine would be in the “average” area of the 50’s as mentioned in the video. To my surprise I was one number off from Michael Hyatt’s Facebook page which was used as an example in the video. Michael’s page came in at 77 and mine surprisingly came in at 76. Happy dance!

See, when you don’t focus on the numbers and just focus on delivering what you know everything works out. The numbers always come later.

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