Over on Instagram I have a rolling campaign called “Why we love it.” The campaign is geared towards posts I really like with reasons as to why I like it. The goal is to educate the viewer of why I loved the post and how they can apply it to their marketing. If you were to search Instagram for the hashtag #etcwhyweloveit you will see the various posts with detailed comments.

Take this quote for example:

“Wendy MacNaughton believes that the best stuff comes when we get out of our own heads and look for inspiration around us, like listening to the stories of strangers.”

➖Why we love it ➖ If you do nothing else but read this quote you will understand why we love it! This is the beauty of SOCIAL Media! You can connect with strangers and discover new things! Personally this is why I love Periscope so much! Even if all you do is comment, you are still making your presence known.

You may be wondering why we do this. Well, if its not obvious from above let me break it down for you. We make the time to write a detailed comment to:

1. Show the person posting that they are on point with grabbing someone’s attention

2. To give viewers insight on what worked so that they can take that knowledge and apply it to their work.

Remember, I am your creative consultant helping you think outside the box. I pride myself on seeing things differently and helping you understand the process. You have heard and will continue to hear from me “teamwork equals success.” If I am checking my social media feeds and something catches my eye you better believe I am going to stop and comment. If it really speaks to me then I will get more detailed in the comments.

[bctt tweet=”Being online means being present!” username=”Ed_Troxell”]

You all should be thinking about this when viewing posts online. Even if you don’t post as much as you would like to or should be, you can get noticed by commenting. Being online means being present! It is just like showing up to a classroom and sitting in the front row vs sitting in the back row. If you are in the front row you are bound to get noticed faster than if you are sitting in the back keeping to yourself. Don’t be a wallflower! Fit in and stand out!

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